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1925 Stanley Steam Car Phaeton (Touring Car) Mode

"This car steams very nicely and drives very well.

Original SV engine in octagonal aluminum engine case. Has not been converted to a 740 engine as many of the SV cars were.
Original leather upholstery, note some deterioration.
Lockheed Hydraulic Brakes – rebuilt in 2010, filled with DOT 5 brake fluid.
Body shows very minor nicks and scratches, typical of an un-restored car.
Missing rear window, correct replacement frame in hand but not installed.
Model 750 water tank installed by Carl Amsley, however the original water tanks survives and comes with the car. It requires repair but should be installed.
A larger and later master cylinder is installed for the hydraulic brakes. Sadly the original master cylinder has been lost. An original exists should the new buyer want patterns.
The air pump is missing but was likely never installed by the factory. This appears to be the case with several other documented 1925 SVs.

Connection required from generator to Waltham speedometer. Speedometer is out of the car but present, but it is correct for the car. A speedometer cable comes with the car but not clear if it is original.
Electric fuel tank gauge is probably original. There is no Foxboro gauge or sending unit. The electric fuel tank gauge fills the hole where the original Foxboro gauge would have gone. It is likely that the Foxboro gauge and sending unit were never installed.
The boiler has been re-tubed but it believed to be the original boiler.
The burner is a conventional drilled, two- venturi Stanley burner and may very likely be the original or a very early replacement. The originally designed boiler and burner were 20” and much too small.
The car’s piping is a bit unusual with a sight gauge located inside the engine compartment.

This car was owned at one time by Carl Amsley, who made the following modifications:

Cut slot in front floor board and installed a hand water pump. Brent Campbell saw this car at Carl’s before Carl cut the hole in the floor board and mounted the condensing car hand pump, probably a Model 740 hand pump.
Replaced steam pressure gauge in dash. It is correct, but the dial reads Stanley Motor Carriage Co. and not Steam Vehicle Corporation.
Model A Ford rear tail light on left rear fender.
Installed Model 750 water tank.
Replaced the original black condenser shell with nickel. A correct condenser and shell will be provided if the buyer desires."

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