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The Steam Car Magazine

The Steam Car Club of Great Britain caters for owners of steam cars and steam cycles old and new. You do not have to own a steam car. Perhaps you want one or are just interested in these vehicles or their further developments.

In October 1998 we launched the new magazine called "The Steam Car" a new magazine for the club members. In each edition of the magazine there will be advertisements for cars and parts, a calendar of the activities of the club as well as technical articles and accounts of any touring done in those busy previous three months since the release of the last magazine.

A summary of the contents for each magazine can be seen below.

The first magazine Issues 1 -3

'The Steam Car' Magazine Issues 1 - 10

'The Steam Car' Magazine Issues 11 - 20

'The Steam Car' Magazine Issues 21 - 30

'The Steam Car' Magazine Issues 31 - 40

'The Steam Car' Magazine Issues 41 - 50

'The Steam Car' Magazine Issues 51 - 60

'The Steam Car' Magazine Issues 61 - 71

'The Steam Car' Magazine Issues 71 - present

BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE £1.00 each plus P&P.


Please click on the title to view the story, taken from the club magazine 'The Steam Car'

Goldsworthy Gurney and the Steam Drag
The first story is from David West. When published, this article caused quite a stir among readers.

A 1908 White Model "L" Steam Car
An 'against the odds' rescue and survival story.

A Turner-Meisse Rebuild
Dennis Wedgewood had a great day when he took his Turner Meisse out for its first public steam at Onslow Park Steam Rally.

Rebirth of a 725
John Tilley experiences the natural progression from Locomobile to Stanley.

Field Patents Restoration Projects
The Field steam motorbike owned by Henk Van Der Wal.

D2 or not D2 that is the question
by Barry Herbert.

John O'Groats to Lands End
by Sandra and Robin Hill.

Brooks Steamotors - Stylish Illusion
by Brooks T. Brierley.

The Darling of the Debris
by John Freeman.


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