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1925 Brooks Sedan

My friend has his 1925 Brooks sedan steam car for sale in Canada, the car is very rare and the best example existing anywhere. The only reason for him selling after owning the car for the past 60 years is that his collection is becoming to much for him to divide his attention to; as the years go by he realizes that he must be selective and realistic as to what he can deal with hence the wish to part with the car, not an easy thing for him to do as you might appreciate.

The car:
1925 Brooks Sedan, one of about 250 built, only know of 5 remaining and two still running, this is the only original unrestored Brooks that runs.
It's two cylinder double acting with four power strokes per revolution, the same as a V8 four stroke engine.
Fire tube Boiler burns kerosene or mix of 60% diesel and 40% unleaded gasoline, pilot light uses Naptha or white gasoline (Coleman Lamp gas) Fabric covered wood body with metal fenders, always inside storage, all original electric lights and horn, with two steam whistles, one at the front and one at the rear, as back up warning.

It has 22,000 miles on odometer longest trip was 1300 miles This is a condensing steamer working best at 400+ lb. steam pressure , cruise about 35 to 40 mph two wheel drum brakes on the rear wheels.
Condition throughout is totally original, unrestored, running and driving as the car has been maintained correctly throughout it's life by a qualified steam mechanic/enthusiast.
This is a very unique and exceptionally rare opportunity to own a piece of history; a one of a kind car. Seldom do any Brooks cars come up for sale and as this is the best running example anywhere in the world it is an opportunity not to be missed. All the history for the past 60 years, kept warm and dry throughout it s lifetime and properly maintained make the car even more desirable. If you should have any questions or need any further information or photos please ask. I am not a car broker but a friend of the owner for the past 30+ years who would also like the car to go to the right owner.


Peter Shaw

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