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1908 Stanley Model M.

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According to Kit Foster's Stanley Steamer Book the Model M was produced between 1908 and 1909. Stanley's only produced 75 of them, and describe them as large touring cars of 5 seats with a 30 HP engine. 114" wheelbase with gearing of 60:60 and tyre size 36" x 4". They are described as the epitome of the coffin nosed Stanleys.
This Stanley was built over three years by the well known Goold firm in Camerton UK. The 30HP engine is of their own improved design, considerably stronger than the original and installed in a superb copper case with original features, cylinder drains, sump plug, and oil filler.
The Bourdon Boiler steams well and the pressurer gauge rarely drops below 600 psi. no matter how hard the car is driven.

Water tank holds enough for over 50 miles and fuel tank for well over 100 miles.
The only non original departure is the gas pilot and sparker which makes for easy start up and reliability. Two gas bottles are carried on the running board in a black tool box.
Rushmore headlights are acetylene with carbide generator, side lights are oil and rear lamps are electric.
The bodywork, buttoned leather seats and paintwork are all to the highest standard.
Full set of hydraulic, hot and cold steam certificates just tested by A Reen.
The car is in regular use and can be seen and demonstrated by arrangement. Pictures do not show full hood and irons which are in new condition.

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