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1909 Buick Model 'F'
1909 Buick 'F' type part completed restoration.  Two cylinder under floor engine, nearly three litres, bonnet houses fuel tank and radiator.  Restoration of body is nearly finished with paint and upholstery finished, wheels rebuilt with new tyres and tubes etc all finished and fitted, the water pump has been rebuilt with new gear wheels made etc, but it has not been refitted, engine will need checking over and clean before use, the coil box has been reconditioned and varnished, but one of the ignition coils has a broken contact breaker, a new one is in the box of parts, and two complete spare coils which I bought when I was in Canada, one of the new rear door trims has not been fitted but it is with the car, the running boards show as bare wood, they need sealing before the new rubber coverings are fitted, these are reproduction with the name in "Buick" script, one headlamp fork is missing, it has a complete set of lamps which need restoring, two brass headlamps, two bail handle side lamps with one front glass missing, a tail lamp, and a brass horn, the windscreen is complete and in excellent condition requiring only a good polish and fitting, the engine turns over with good compression, brake linings have been replaced, owners say they are very easy to drive, I have all the paperwork to get it registered (Custom and Excise papers etc)

Seen here a picture of this car type while in use.

Seen here a fully restored 1909 Buick 'F' Type.

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