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1900 Style 2 Locomobile

The Loco has had some additionals made that can all be removed easily. The box on the back is not original. The mechanical Madison-Kipp lubricator is not original, the original one being the bronze thing on the right side of the engine. It is worthless as you cannot tell how much oil it is using.
The side kerosene carriage lamps are original. The chain is now a roller chain - the original was a block chain which you cannot get any more.
Tires are original size and type. There are three or four spare sets of tires for the car.
I have a hunch the seat upholstery was done many, many years ago before Fran bought the car, as it's too good to be original. The leather dash is original.
The original two level firing system was changed to using a pilot light long ago. The original version is worthless and very dangerous.
The original steam pressure control has been changed to a later Stanley type. Water level in the boiler is checked by looking in the little side mirror on the lower part of the dash and watching the glass on the right side of the car. Manual control only, via a bypass valve. The bent wire coming out of the middle of where the throttle and forward-cutoff-reverse levers are on the right side of the car just below the arm rest.
The spare engine looks good and has the water feed pump, which is almost always missing nowadays. The boiler and burner should be good. Don Bourdon makes new ones.
SACA Stores has a good operator's manual for sale. Spare new parts are being made today, but I don't think the car needs any.
There is a large file that goes with the car. There is also a nice covered trailer offered with the car. Any further spare Locomobile parts that may be turned up in two more storage buildings will also go with the car.

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