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Cars and Parts For Sale

Steam Cars for Sale

1908 EX Stanley

Due to other interests, I am selling my 1908 EX Stanley, which I have owned for approximately 15 years. Runs well. History known and documented since 1967. This is an original car with its original engine, as is shown by correct engine serial number for its year, 1908. As one would expect for such an old car, it is not cosmetically perfect. The Car is here in the San Francisco Bay area, and is licensed in California. Asking price: $83,000. My phone number is 415-435-1096. My email is

Likamobile Replica Steam Car
This is a replica of the 1898 Locomobile Steam Car. The car gets up to steam in 7 minutes and will drive at up to 25 mph. Braking is through small discs on all 4 wheels. There are no gears as maximum torque is achieved at zero speed. Goes as fast forward as backwards!

This car was assembled in 2009 by a builder in Holland. It was imported back into the UK and is now road legal. The car is fired by a Reillo Kerosene central heating burner, which is powered by a 12 volt to 240 volt invertor. To start the car turn the key check the water level in the boiler and main tank and let the boiler start. Once up to 230 psi  jump aboard and drive. It really is that easy.

This is a great way to get into and understand Steam Cars. I am selling because I have bought a 1903 Stanley Steamer. There is a closed trailer, which is fitted with a winch, available for this car so that you can attend rallies and events. The whole rig is about one tonne so can be towed by a small car.

Likamobile and trailer £13500 or Lika only £12000. Or make me a sensible offer.
Contact and 07834 039585. West Sussex.

1901 Mobile Stanhope

1901 Mobile Stanhope 6 HP S.N. 3137 - asking $60,000

This car was restored and used by Bob Mead. (I believe it is eligible for the annual London to Brighton Vintage Car Run in the UK which is limited to 1904 cars and earlier.)
Enquiries can be made to:
Andi Mead


1899 Locomobile Stanhope, $55,000. Restored and used by Bob Mead. Enquiries can be made to:
Andi Mead

1907 Stanley Steamer EX

1907 Stanley Steamer EX for Restoration
Original car, serial number 3511. 85% complete, included is new body. Parts missing include: Boiler.
$38,500 or best offer. Please contact me for additional information or pictures.
1905 Stanley Steamer FX

1905 Stanley Steamer FX Sidebar Tiller for Restoration.
Serial Number 1862. One of only Two known sidebar tiller steers. Car is 75% complete. Needs Boiler and restoration. $39,500 or best offer. Please contact me for additional details or pictures.

1903 Stanley Steamer Model C

1903 Stanley Steamer Model C for Restoration
6.5 Horsepower. 14 Inch boiler, good original running gear. In process of painting body. This car is 95% complete. $37,500 or best offer. Please contact me for additional details or pictures.
1903 Grout Roadster

10 HP steam car - restored. With top. Eligible for London to Brighton.
Further Pictures on request.
$ 68,000
Contact:- Robert Collins, 1120 So. East St., Amherst, Mass., 01002. USA
Phone:- 1-413-256-8001

White 1909 Double fuel tank with fittings or fittings alone. So condition of tank is not important as long as the fittings are there. Contact Chris Relf, Rose Vale Farm Kerris Penzance TR19 6UX.

Steam Traction World LikamobileMilwaukee steam car engine
I am selling a Milwaukee steam car engine (serial no. 231) on behalf of my Grandfather. The engine runs on compressed air and has been used for demonstrations hence the adapter valve, selector lever and steel frame. For further details please contact my Grandfather John - tel: 01473 652543 or Arthur - tel: 01437 828167 email:

Unique 3 wheeler steam car with compound 'V' engine, like a Morgan.
Likamobile Runabout
, tiller steer, oil fired.
Ill health forces sale.
For further details please contact:- W Chorlton on 01565 651459

Stanley for sale1904 CX Runabout--Ser #821---Body #918
London to Brighton eligible. Museum quality restoration of a very original 04 Stanley Runabout. Run only on jack stands (2ft of snow etc) New Don Bourdon boiler. All piping and valves new. Checks and throttle rebuilt. More info and photos available by email:
$78,000.00 US BOB NICE

Stanley for sale
Stanley for sale1919 Stanley 735B Steam Car
Chassis No. 19376
A rare vehicle that came to light after many years of obscurity. Original documents supplied show that this was originally a Californian vehicle being registered to Tom Wade of Wilmington in 1929, then Faye Wade of Pico sold it to George Read of Santa Ana in April 1957 who sold it to Nels Grofthold in February 1963. By this time it was recorded as having no body and the car seems to have lain low for nearly 30 years, it next appears in the ownership of a Robin Downing of Dyfed in 1991 who, in a letter to the Stanley Museum stated that the car was about to be shipped. There are also two letters from Michael Ware, curator of Beaulieu National Motor Museum explaining the cars historical importance for the sake of Customs and Excise. Other letters reveal that it was certainly purchased without a body but was originally fitted with a touring body and a quantity of spares came with it. The car then passed to a family ownership in the midlands where the correct type body was sourced and of the right age, the enthusiast owner embarked on a total restoration and it is related that the boiler, condenser, engine etc all saw extensive work. Clearly the restoration was nearly complete when sadly the owner passed away, the Stanley remained in dry heated storage, untouched for over a decade and was then sold by Cheffins in April 2012 into enthusiast ownership who completed the restoration including a completely renewed interior with Bentley Beluga black leather button back upholstery, a complete new hood and frame, new battery with re -wired lights and a new windscreen. Rallied and shown since the last phase of restoration and now offered for sale with boiler certification and in full running order. £49,000 o.n.o
Roger Desborough.
Tel: 01502 478268, Mobile 07836 620506. E.mail

Stanley for sale

Stanley for sale1922 Stanley 735B
7 seat steam car
Totally restored 7 years ago. Hardly used since.
Ring John, for a detailed description, on 0161 761 1056. Offers invited over £70,000

Wanted by Enthusiast...
New build steam car, possibly Likamobile or steam car designed and built by Model Engineer. Anything considered. Please contact Roy Chapman on 01268 414009

Stanley for saleBrass Lamps
For sale: Pair of handed Lucas King of the Road Lamps Number 723 and 724. Lamps are in good condition complete with tanks and burners etc... They are approximately 12'' high to the top of the handles. The lamps are dented in places, and on the rear has a small crack in the brass.
£475 + Postage James 07933 131 922

Stanley for sale1923 Stanley 740
1923 Stanley 740 touring car, excellent condition, restored back to its original
glory, owned & operated by John Packard for 18 years,
Asking price is $90,000.
Call or e-mail at 508-434-0739.
Stanley for sale

Stanley Parts, 725/735/740

20hp engine, hand water pump, diff CW & pinions, water level automatic, throttle valve, boiler check valve and other parts. Contact John Lowe,

Toy Steam Engines

Collection of 150 toy steam engines, mostly German prewar (Bing, Doll, Falk, Fleischmann, Marklin, Plank etc.) CD ROM of items available on request. Price £17,500.
Contact:- Poul Wichmann, Kildeagerhusene 9, DK-2690 Karlslunde, Denmark"

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