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The Steam Car Club of Great Britain caters for owners of steam cars and steam cycles old and new. You do not have to own a steam car. Perhaps you want one or are just interested in these vehicles or their further developments.

In October 1998 we launched the new magazine called "The Steam Car" a new magazine for the club members. In each edition of the magazine there will be advertisements for cars and parts, a calendar of the activities of the club as well as technical articles and accounts of any touring done in those busy previous three months since the release of the last magazine.

A summary of the contents for each magazine starting with the earliest can be seen below.
BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE £3.75 each plus P&P.

  Issue 31 April 2006
4th A.G.M.
Stanley Centennial at the Birthplace of Speed
Musing on water treatment, reflex gauges and gauge fram
John Wayham
Steam filled the cab
Brian Smallwood
Stanley Regulator mod
Les Nelson
A 1925 Stanley SV Comes to Light in New Jersey
Donald R. Hoke
The economical coal fired poofmobile
Harry Doughty
A few Comments on Les Nelson's Engine Concept
David Nergard
1901 Lane Steam Carriage
Arthur S Eldredge, Jr.
The Hughes Steamer
Mt. Washington by Steam 1899-1949
Edwin A. Battison

  Issue 32 July 2006
The Darling of the Debris John Freemand
A Vapouriser repair
Les Nelson
The Pearson-Cox first steam up
Les Nelson
A Stanley Moment
Jeff Theobald
The Menace of Gasoline, 1875
A history of the Manley - so far
Martin Nutter
The Steam Car Club of Great Britain history
Jeff Theobald
Hood frame making for "pram" types
Les Nelson
Can Slick Cams Double Cylinder Filling?
Doug Leeming
Stanley Land Speed Record Centennial, Ormond Beach
Pat Farrell
Safety Shut Off Valve
Les Nelson
Lost home built steamer?
John Williams
Oil Filter update
Brian Smallwood
Per Nielson
Frogs Legs and Steam
Jeff Theobald

  Issue 33 October 2006
Progress with the Hupmobile Richard Pink
Cotswolds and Stapleford 2006
Les Nelson
High Compression under the Microscope
Doug Leeming
Lucy in Euroland
Chris Everett
Steam, Steam, Steam!!!
Mike Brown
Cead Mile Failte
David Goddard
The Barking Stanley Steamer
Dr. Thomas Dawson
Learning How Not To Do Things
John Frampton
The New Forest Tour Sept 2006
Jeff Theobald
Inventors Corner No. 1
Timothy Hackworth
Stanley Dog
Cathy Dawson

  Issue 34 January 2007
London to Brighton 2006 Jeff Theobald
Toledo Moments
John Watson
Mildenburg Steamrally May 2006
Jan Brinksma
Inventors Corner
Doug Leeming
Steam Valves from my Ivory Tower
Greg Walker
A Mono Tube Steam Generator Project
David Beale
Stanley in France 06
John Tilley
First Dutch Steam Car Tour
Jan Brinksma
Dampf in Melle
Heiner Roessler
A Really Nice Weekend
John Tilley
Piston Rings made easy
Les Nelson
"Steaming Along"
David Goddard
Disaster on the Road
Roderic Robinson

  Issue 35 April 2007
A.G.M. Report 2007.
Brent Campbell's "Munster" Crash
Basil Craske
Bash Valves under the microscope - Part 1
Doug Leeming
The Betty Anne
Don Hoke
Three Days in September 06
Brian McMorran
Doubling Dobles
Barry Herbert
Schlump Collection France
Jan Brinksma
Flares are in
John Hill
A brief history of the "Morriss" steamer
Les Nelson
The Orkney and Shetland Tour
Anne & Bill Hunter

  Issue 36 July 2007
Tiverton Tour 2007 Ann Stoneman
A Tale of Caution
Haydn Davies
Bash Valves under the Microscope No II
Doug Leeming
AGM Report correction
Firing Stanley
Dave Hume
The Betty Ann is coming along well
Don Hoke
FBHVC Newsletter
Jaunt to Melle - Tiverton Tour
Brian Smallwood
Stanley AF 702
Stuart Gray
Locomobile Steam Car - corrections
Michael Bentley
Double Trouble
Mark Drake
Inventors Corner No. 3
Doug Leeming
Starbeck Nostalgia
Stephen Abbot
Dampf in Melle 2007
Heiner Roessler

  Issue 37 October 2007
Wonderful Norfolk Tour Brian Smallwood
D2 -Touring at last
Barry Herbert
Bash Valves under the microscope
Doug Leeming
Steam Cars at the Black Country Museum
John Tilley
Tracing the history of Stanley CX 1904
Haydn Davies
The S-M Steam Car
Mike Mutters
Inventors Corner No 4
Doug Leeming
Bordeaux - Paris - 2007
Bill Rich

  Issue 38 January 2008
London to Brighton 2007 Jeff Theobald
Driving 1901 Toledo Steam Car Number 113
John Watson
Inventor Corners No. 5
Doug Leeming
Letter from our Chairman
Bill Rich
British Steam Car Challende - latest news
Ee(22) Bah Gum Howard
Barry Herbert
The Great Dorset Steam Fair, 2007
Peter Williams
Nomex Paints
Geoff Ironside
The Restoration of Stanley 7644
Peter Turvey
A visit to Compiegne
Jan Brinksma
A Vapourising Burner for a Steam Locomotive
John Wilks
Holiday in Yorkshire
George Hounslow
Land rover Report
Roger White

  Issue 39 April 2008
A.G.M. 2008.
Bash Valves under the Microscope part 4
Doug Leeming
Progress on the Wedgwood Turner-Miesse
Phil Wedgewood
Williams - At last all is revealed
Doug Leeming
Progress with Doble E22
Barry Herbert
New Boiler Insulation
Mark Drake
Progress with 1910 White
Derrick Mills
Discus Mirabilus
John Tilley
Swiss Engine Proposal
Les Nelson
Subject: Boiler Repair on Brown Steamer
Mike Brown
Burner building for your steamer
Les Nelson

  Issue 40 July 2008
The "King" makes a "progress" though Cornwall Peter Williams
Devenshire Ice Cream and Trevithick
Jeff Theobald
Inventors Corner No 6
Doug Leeming
Modern Steam Car Development Group Inaugural
Brian McMorran
Launceston Rally Report 2008
George Hounslow
Duetsche Dampf Automobil Tour
Susanne Lindsey
Blue Stone Tour
Jeff Theobald
Mike's Loco
Mike Scott-Coomber
1910 White water tank rebuild.
Peter Stevenson
D.I.Y. Pressure Switch
Les Nelson
The Lighter side of owning a Steam Car
Brian Smallwood
Autoworld (Brussels) 20th Techno Classica (Essen)
Arthur Thompson

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