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The Steam Car Club of Great Britain caters for owners of steam cars and steam cycles old and new. You do not have to own a steam car. Perhaps you want one or are just interested in these vehicles or their further developments.

In October 1998 we launched the new magazine called "The Steam Car" a new magazine for the club members. In each edition of the magazine there will be advertisements for cars and parts, a calendar of the activities of the club as well as technical articles and accounts of any touring done in those busy previous three months since the release of the last magazine.

A summary of the contents for each magazine starting with the earliest can be seen below.
BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE £3.75 each plus P&P.

  Issue 21 October 2003
Highlights of the Sid Valley Tour Arthur Thomson/Brian Smallwood
More information on steam motorbikes
Harry Doughty/Paul Wichmann
Letter from Canada (re Brooks)
Harry Doughty
Steam progress of a Stanley owner/restorer wannabe
Buying at auction
Bryan Richmond-Dodd
Suggestions for a gas/oil burner
Raymond Rolt
Steaming in the Severn Valley
Diana Goddard
Turner by the tail
Dennis Wedgwood
John O'Groats to Land's End - Part 1
Sandra and Robin Hill
The mysteries of a Doble - Part 2
Barry Herbert
Useful tip (steering)
Bryan Richmond-Dodd
English Mechanic steam cars
Dr Alan Sutton

  Issue 22 January 2004
London to Brighton 2003 Jeff Theobald
Stanley frame rod forces
Mike Clark
Scorched boilers
John Boyle
How the steam automatic works
Jeff Theobald
It's nice to be Dobly assured - Doble rebuild Part 3
Barry Herbert
Stanley rebuild news
Peter Turvey
Escaping fire
John Tilley
Letter from Canada - Dalifol
Harry Doughty
A Locomobile replica kit
Simon Cast
The full Vermonty
Sandra Mason
Autoworld adventure
Bill Rich
Packing nut anti-rotating spring
Heiner Rossler
John O'Groats to Land's End - Part 2
Sandra and Robin Hill
A brief encounter with the
EM Derrick Mills
Doughty Steam Velocipede
Harry Doughty

  Issue 23 April 2004
The separation of oil from feed water
David Nergaard
A boy's fascination with steam
Brian Smallwood
More on the Pearson and Cox steamer
Les Nelson
Another 10 HP Stanley
John Tilley
New steam car project
John Spiteri
The hermit's Stanley steamer
Jeff Theobald
A very early steam motorcycle
AE Creese
American family owned Stanley
Glen and Pam Knowles
The 1897 hart steam car
Jeff Theobald
A brief encounter
John Tilley
Stanley frame hood forces
David Moore
Twisting frame rods
David K Nergaard
Problem addressed by Stanley
Howard Johnson
Trailers(from FBHVC newsletter)
Walter Robert Dyke obituary
Locomobile incidents
Jeff Theobald
New Locomobile hits the road
Russ and Harry Hibler
The 'Windrush' moggie
David Moore

  Issue 24 July 2004
Doble D2 travels 12300 miles on first outing Barry Herbert
Roos, Possums and steamers
Sandra Mason
A control circuit for flash steam
Les Nelson
Progress with the Pearson-Cox
Les Nelson
The Hupmobile steamer
Richard Pink
Another Toledo is coming to the UK
Nick Howell
John Waynham's Stanley steamer
John Waynham
Check you oil-line feed
My Morris/White
Raymond Goss
Another jolly good fahrt
Peter Stevenson/Suzanne Lindsey
For Stanleys - a modified main vaporizor fitting
David K Nergaard
A feed pump indicator
Les Nelson
1911 Stanley
Pat Farrell/Michael Beuvens
Modified Stanley gland nut clips
Brian Smallwood
A new member and a new owner of a Stanley steam car
Ian Vinton
Jeff Theobald

  Issue 25 October 2004
Ups and downs in the heart of Wales Diana Goddard
It wasn't a Swift but a Stanley
Peter Turvey
Stanley 7644 progress report
Peter Turvey
Another Toledo has arrived in th UK
Nick Howell
Edwardian weekend at Crich tramway museum
Les Nelson
Welsh tour - Builth Dragons
Les Nelson
Doble D2 update
Barry Herbert
Re: A control circuit for flash steam
Doug Leeming
The wonders of ebay
Jeff Theobald
Steaming tips
Pumpless pumping
David Nergaard
Homework (recommended books)
David Nergaard
Clincher tire problems
Richard Olivier
Steam throttle Repair
Richard Olivier
Frightening experience
Jeff Theobald
Frame Rods
Mike Clarke
Building a Stanley pilot
Richard Olivier
Australian news
Gavin Lower
A simple piston wrench
David Nergaard
Pearson Cox steam motorcycles
Harry Daughty
Jeff Theobald

  Issue 26 January 2005
Frame Rods - the sequel Mike Clark
Diana Goddard
Pottering @ Potter Heigham
Les Nelson
1900 Simpson 10hp
Bill Rich
Thermocouple Indicator
Rolly Evans
EP Tours Brittany 2004
John Tilley
Vintage Sports Club Steam Up
Mike Clark
Steaming to Steamboat
Wumf Buxworth
My H5 Story
Bill Rich
London to Brighton, November 2004
Jeff Theobald
Extra Water
Heiner Rossler
John Wilks from Leicestershire
John Wilks
1922 Stanley 735B owned by Robert Baker
Robert Baker
Poppet Valves under the Microscope - Part 1
Doug Leeming
More on Pearson & Cox Ltd
Derek Mills
Man sentenced for steam car theft
Libby Sutherland
Winterising a Stanley Condensing Car
Dr Thomas Dawson

  Issue 27 April 2005
Thoughts regarding the future of steam David Bartrop
Times gone
Richard Granger
1910 Stanley in the same family for 70 years
Richard Granger
A water tank gauge for 735 Stanley
Les Nelson
Caister Castle Motor Museum Doble
James Crank
Brooks Steamotors Stylish Illusion
Brooks T Brierley
Minutes of 3rd AGM
Bicentennial of Niclos-Joseph Cugnot
Jan Brinksma
Boiler Water Treatment
David Webster
Oil Filters
Brian Smallwood
Boiler Water Treatment
Stuart Gray
Crash and Revival of my Steamobile 1901
Loic de Arbre

  Issue 28 July 2005
More on Poppet Valves Raymond Gloss
Is this the ultimate use for (half) a Stanley Engine
Derrick Mills
The Field for Wall of Death
A Rumble in the Jungle
Bill Rich
Poppet Valcves under the Microscope - Part 2
Doug Leeming
A steamy story from the antipdies
Mike Brown
Still Fahrting - Melle 2005
David Webster
Athis De L'Orne
Bob Dyke
Musings on water treatment, reflex gauges
John Waynham
Another long lost Stanley
Jeff Theobald
Fire! What fire?
Dan Haynes
Simple boiler winding
Peter Stevenson
1st Car race in Argentina (1901)
John Hampton
A Year's Running of a Steam Car, Dec 1902
Dr AC Hovenden
Peter Pellandine's Pelland Steamer
Hugh Tucker
Burner Noise
A Steam Psalm
David Webster
A Stanley at the Retromobile Car Show
Bill Rich

  Issue 29 October 2005
Midlands Meander report Jeff Theobald
Poppet Valves under the Microscope - Part 3
Doug Leeming
A small Mono Tube Boiler
Humphrey Hamlin
The Wings of Time, Lakeville, Connecticut
Diana Goddard
Brooks fitted with a Supercharger
Jeff Theobald
Latest in Engineering May 1904
Poppet Valve operation on Steam Engines
Nick Trahearn
Hambleton Rally
Les Nelson
Then and Now
Derrick Mills
Story of a Simpson Steamer
Brian McMorran
FBHVC Survey
West of England Steam Engine Society Rally
Joy Davies

  Issue 30 January 2006
London to Brighton 2005 Jeff Theobald
Long Weekend in France
Mike Clark
Poppet Valves under the Microscope - Part 4
Doug Leeming
Not all 1910 10hp cars are Model 63's
Stuart Gray
A successful Pilot
Mike Clark
deja vu - or Another steam car for Yorkshire
Ian Vinton
Stanley 1910 Model 60 completion of a dream
Stuart Gray
An engine Concept
Les Nelson
Steam Cars go to Cawood
Ian Vinton
In at the deep end! My first tour
Sally-Ann Dod
Welcome to a 1900 Locomobile imported from USA
Colin May
Steamy Summer
Brian Smallwood
Triple trouble (piston valves under the microscope
Roger White

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