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The Steam Car Club of Great Britain caters for owners of steam cars and steam cycles old and new. You do not have to own a steam car. Perhaps you want one or are just interested in these vehicles or their further developments.

In October 1998 we launched the new magazine called "The Steam Car" a new magazine for the club members. In each edition of the magazine there will be advertisements for cars and parts, a calendar of the activities of the club as well as technical articles and accounts of any touring done in those busy previous three months since the release of the last magazine.

A summary of the contents for each magazine starting with the earliest can be seen below.
BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE £3.75 each plus P&P.

  Issue 11 April 200
In-depth Dobling - Part 2 Bernard Parris
Rebuilding the Stanley H5
John Liming
The Keen rebuild
Jeff Theobald
London to Brighton 2000
Brian Crawford
Rebuilding our Stanley 735 (cont'd from Issue No 10)
Les Nelson
English mechanic or Bolsolver
Jeremy Bacon
Barrett steam car report
Peter Barrett
Dordt in stoom
Janet Mills
News in Brief
Trevithick Tour
Bob Dyke
Scottish Tour
Bill Rich
The Spring Fair in Normandy
George Droulon
Steam Hupmobile Pictures
Richard Pink

  Issue 12 July 2001
Deutscher dampf automobile fahrt Per Nielson
Paul Morgan obituary
Rob Simpson/Bob Dyke
Doble steam motors corporation
Jim Crank
Trevithick steam car tour
Madge Liming
Olga Ward obituary
On top of the world
Phil Hosken
Bangs and bears in the Cotswolds
Diana Goddard
Peter Turvey finds his Stanley
Peter Turvey
Steam car boiler explosions
David K Nergaard
A Stanley special
Derek Rayner
More news of the Stanley rebuild (cont'd )
Les Nelson
Phil Hosken
More pictures from Trevithick Tour
John Toy

  Issue 13 October, 2001
Scotland the brave Bill Rich
Grampian Transport Mueum
Mike Ward
Ode to Alford
Liz Cookson
Am measg nan eun
Roger White
A few thoughts on pilot lights
Mike Clark
Steam car weekend at the Goddards'
David Webster
Locomobile tours Mull
John Tilley
Rebirth of a 725
John Tilley
The Turvey's Stanley
Peter Turvey
A Turner-Miesse rebuild
Dennis Wedgewood
Les' Stanley rebuild )
Les Nelson
French White steams
Francois de Backer
Steam car register
Alun Griffiths
Hancock's enterprise
Tom Brogdener

  Issue 14 January 2002
London to Brighton 2001 Bob Dyke
Pilot lights and automatics
Mike Clark
More on vapourising burners
Graham Astbury
Flaming pilots and all that
Les Nelson
Brittany steam car trip
Suzanne Fisher
The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2001
Ray Clark
London to Brighton by White
Patrick Morgan
A word of warning
David Nergaard
The Turvey Stanley
Peter Turvey
Help wanted with Turner-Meisse
Bob Dyke
The future's clean - is it steam?
Phil Hosken
Bugatti patent improved valve
Doug Leeming
A trip to the USA and Herschey
Rachel Rich
The Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway

  Issue 15 April 2002
A Locomobile long-wheelbase runabout David West
Pity the poor petrol engine designers
Ted Pritchard
E-mails from America
Ron Parola/David Nergaard
The Sepollet replica
Jeff Theobald
Stanley 7644 news
Peter Turvey
Boiler tests for the Welsh tour
D Goddard
Dobles in the Scopos Museum
Peter Turvey
EWK steam car and the H5
John Liming
Workshop Corner Toolmaker'
Turner-Miesse steam car
Mick Tuxworth
Letters and emails
Graham Howard/Barry Dackombe
Your Chairman's report - AGM 2002
Bill Rich
Pictures from the Trevithick Tour
John Toy
Locomobile Restoration Progress
John Hill

  Issue 16 July 2002
Snowdonia in Springtime Sandra Mason
Another word of warning
John Hill
How I came to running a 1904 CX
Haydn Davis
More Dobling in England
Barry Herbert
Steamin' down under tour
Vicki Craske
Luney Toons' and a Wight steam car
Dennis Wedgwood
New shoes for the Skene
John Hill
Some thoughts on burners
Les Nelson
Venturi trials - where should the jet be?
Les Nelson
How I came to the steam car
Loic de l'Arbre
More pictures from Snowdonia
Diana Goddard

  Issue 17 October 2002
And the cat came too! Wumf Tuxworth
Mr Grimmer goes to town (EM Steam Cars)
Jeremy Bacon
Touring with the Tilleys
David Goddard
Brittany tour July/August 2002
Suzanne Lindsey
The Great Dorset Steam Fair (2002)
Bob Dyke
New Forest foray!
Suzanne Lindsey
Steaming on Skye
John Tilley
Instrumentation to aid tuning steam car and cycle burners
Nick Trahearn
A low-water fule cut-off valve
Les Nelson
Jeff's progress
Jeff Theobald
Chairman's report
Bill Rich

  Issue 18 January 2003
London to Brighton 2002 Run Bob Dyke
London to Brighton 2002
Patrick Morgan/Jim Tatnell
Scorched boilers - why?
Bob Dyke snr
Nomads in Norfolk
Les Nelson
Tom's steam carriages
Tom Brogden
Images from France
Gerry Stoneman
H5 adventures
Mike Clark
White steam cars and Cann Ltd
Charles CannHow
How does one change gear on a Steam L/Rover
Roger White

  Issue 19 April 2003
Stanley 607 history Peter Turvey
A rejuvenated Scottish Stanley
Bill Hunter
Re- Scorched boilers - why?
Peter Williams/Roger White/Peter Turvey
Field patents restoration projects
Gerry Stoneman
From the apocryphal of Dennis
Dennis Wedgwood
Pilot's progress
Mike Clark
The Pearson Cox steam cycle car
Les Nelson
Dating comment
Peter Turvey
SCGGB Ltd AGM 2003 report

  Issue 20 July 2003
D2 or not D2 - that is the question Barry Herbert
Boiler scorching
Monty Goding
In an idle moment - Locomobile
Humphrey Hamlin
Klinger vs Stanley automatic
Bryan Richmond-Dodd
Restoration of a Stanley 735
Arnoud Carp
The Gemultlich fahrt
Suzanne Lindsey
Woodstock Woods to Ormond Beach
Wumf Tuxworth
From antique automobiles to a Stanley steamer
Dr Thomas W Dawson
From antique automobiles to a Stanley steamer
Cathy Dawson
An unknown veteran steam motorcycle
Mike Clark
More capers in the Cotswolds
Les Nelson

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