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The Steam Car Club of Great Britain caters for owners of steam cars and steam cycles old and new. You do not have to own a steam car. Perhaps you want one or are just interested in these vehicles or their further developments.

In October 1998 we launched the new magazine called "The Steam Car" a new magazine for the club members. In each edition of the magazine there will be advertisements for cars and parts, a calendar of the activities of the club as well as technical articles and accounts of any touring done in those busy previous three months since the release of the last magazine.

A summary of the contents for each magazine starting with the earliest can be seen below.
BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE £3.75 each plus P&P.

  Issue 1 October 1998
SCCGB AGM 1998 Diana Goddard
Carl Amsley obituary
Brent Campbell
Alex Ritchie obituary
Derrick Mills
3 Counties steam car tour
Madge Liming
Made it at last - Daimler Doble
Philip Hopes
A simple dynamometer
Philip Hopes
Tallow in oil
Robert R Dyke
The beach steam wagonette
Helen Luther
Pearson Cox
William Dyke

  Issue 2 January, 1999
London to Brighton 1998
Bob Dyke
Ray's steam car coffee stop
Ray Clark
The Brighton run with Loic
Philip Hopes
Restoring a 1901 Locomobile
Dr David West
Goldsworthy Gurney and the steam drag
Dr David West
Steaming through the Rockies
David Goddard
Locomobile restorations
Dr J Hennessy
The Harland steam car
Erasmus Harland
The Clarkson Steam Bus
Maurice Poole
The Morriss drives again
Les Nelson
The mystery engine
Anthony Bever
An English Mechanic's design?
Nick Trahearn

  Issue 3 April, 1999
Attempt on the steam land speed record Peter Scott
British Steam Car Challenge
Dr Neil Richardson
Ray Clark's Daimler-Doble
Ray Clark
The Barrett steam car
Peter Barrett
A light steam racer
Phil Hopes
Steam powered Sunbeam Rapier engine
Nick Trahearn
Activities with a 1921 Stanley 735B
Robin Hill
A new Stanley model 85 replica
Barry Herbert
A 1910 10 HP Stanley restoration
Stuart J Gray
A 1919 Stanley 735B in Germany
Heiner Rorssler

  Issue 4 July 1999
British Steam Car Challenge Neil Richardson & Bill Rich
Early Stanley Experiences in America
Tom Marshall
A new Stanley Model 85 Replica - Part 2
Barry Herbert
A Wager in the Wolds
Diana Goddard
Gurnay Drag Update
David West
Oiled Brake Problems
Gerry Twyman
The MOT and your Steam Car
Jeff Theobald
Alex Ritchie and the Steam Mini
Derrick Mills

  Issue 5 October 1999
Goodwood Festival of Speed Robert R Dyke
The Bucks Fizz Tour1999
Ray Clark
Steam Cars and the Law
Phil Hopes
Pressure Systems& Transportable Gas Containers
Ray Clark
Richard Trevithick (1771-1833)
Philip M Hosken
Another Burner Plate Design
Les Nelson
Brake Linings that work in oil
Part 1 of the Mount Washington Centennial Tour
Vicki Craske
A New Stanley Model 85 Replica Part 3
Barry Herbert
Steam Cars and the MOT
David Beale

  Issue 6 January 2000
The London to Brighton Run - 1999 Ray Clark
The Dover Steam Fair
Ray Clark
The Bever Serpollet
Anthony Bever
Science Museum Treasures
Robert R Dyke
Sir Alec Issigonis and his steam Mini
Alun Griffiths
The Reluctant Keen
Jeff Theobald
Mount Washington Centennial Tour- Part 2
Vicki Craske
A Serpollet Engine
Bob Dyke
Stanleys in Ireland
Jon Roy Evans

  Issue 7 April 2000
1908 White in Pictures Robert R Dyke
The Rescue
Austin PFarrar
Lucy's Rejuvenation
Bob Dyke
Gurney Drag Update Part 2
David West
The Doctor and the Engineer
Tom Brogden
A Stanley in New England
John Tilley
Finishing the Build of the Stanley Model 85
Barry Herbert
Two Steamers by Serpollet
Phil Hopes
Les Nelson's New Stanley
Les Nelson
eff's Keen Update
Jeff Theobald
Peter Scott's Land Speed Record Attempt
Peter K Scott
AGM 2000

  Issue 8 July 2000
In Depth Dobling (E22) Bernard A Parris
Keep on Steaming
Les Nelson
The Monotube Steam Generator
Alun Griffiths
Slide Valves and single eccentric valve gear
Phil Hopes
Running the New Stanley 85
Barry Herbert
Stanley Steam Car Autocar 1910
A letter from our South African Friends
Kobus van Jaarsveld
A gathering of Nuts in May
Vicki Craske
Boiler Feed Water Injectors
David Beale
A letter from Canada
Neil Brady Browne
Liquid Nitrogen
John Hennessy
A Lesson for the New Stanley Driver
John O' Groats to Land's End by Locomobile
John Stavely

  Issue 9 October 2000
First Trials & Outing for Enterprise Tom Brogdon
In Memory of Philip Hopes
Ray Clark
Burner Problems and Mysteries
Philip Hopes
The Progressive Steam Car Tour
Diana Goddard
Vermont 2000 Eastern USA Tour
Diana Goddard
"1066 Country" Tour 2000
Bill Rich
A Trip to Estes Park
Ron Parola
Rebuilding our Stanlet 735
Les Nelson
Disc Brakes
David Nergaard
Pumpless Pumping
David Nergaard
The receipt history of Stanley 735 No 22067
First Tour for Germany
Heiner Roessler


Issue 10 January 2001
What an Adventure John Tilley
1902 White Brake Failure
Bob Dyke
Rebuilding our Stanley 735
Les Nelson
A 1911 Stanley Steamer
Bill Hunter
The 2000 London to Brighton
Ray Clark
A Turner-Meisse Rebuild
Dennis Wedgewood
A little Green Stanley
David Goddard
Burner Science
Graham R Astbury
Stanley Tips & 200 German Tours
Heiner Roessler

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