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Steam Car Club of Great Britain

Boiler Inspectors.

The Steam Car Club of Great Britain
recommend that you only use boiler inspectors who work in full compliance with
The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000  (PSSR 2000)
and complete and produce a
Written Scheme of Examination  (WSE).
We do not recommend working to the spirit of PSSR 2000

S.F.P. Inspection & Consultancy, 15 Park Road, Yapton, Arundel, Surrey. BN18 0JE
Tel 01243 551899
Fax 01243 551023

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During 2007 and 2008 The Steam Car Club of Great Britain made extensive enquires with DVLA and VOSA regarding their conflicting opinions as to whether steam cars should have an MOT.   With the help of F.B.H.V.C. and following direct meetings with VOSA, VOSA acknowledged it had made a mistake and that in fact ALL STEAM CARS REQUIRE AN MOT, the club made this clear to all members in early 2008.

The committee hope this statement helps all members and other clubs who might be confused or not up to speed with regards to our findings.

PLEASE note the Road Traffic Act is only enforceable whilst on the public highway.   Some events held off road ask for steam cars to be road worthy.   Beware, an MOT is not proof of road worthiness it in fact explains this on the MOT document.   Road worthiness is a separate issue therefore it is the owners responsibility to keep the car in a road worthy condition, do not rely on an MOT.

The Steam Car Club of Great Britain requires all participants to declare their cars as road legal as well as requiring cars to have an MOT.


The Steam Car Club of Great Britain caters for owners of steam cars and steam cycles old and new. You do not have to own a steam car or cycle. Perhaps you want one, or are just interested in these vehicles or in their further development.

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