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Kit Fourteen. - "Valves"

October 18, 2006
Kits 14 and 15 arrive. Check parts against inventory list, all accounted for. Decide what is to be powder coated and what is to be polished.
1.0 Hours

Oct. 19th. Drop parts off to the powder coater and polish the brass parts.
2.5 Hours

Oct. 24th. There were a lot of machine filings, so clean all the parts thoroughly. Assemble the steam regulator as per instructions, 2 full turns of the packing, stacked, is required to make a proper seal. My drilled assembly required some cleaning of the holes with a drill bit. Assemble both halves together using the liquid Teflon thread sealant. Assemble the Left and Right Check valves and adjust the stops as described in the instructions. Use a little locktite to hold the adjustment screw, and seal the cap threads with the thread sealant. I had to repair the threads on the water/ steam manifold that screws onto the Globe valve, seems to have been slightly dented in shipment. I also had to rethread the drip tube fitting to the globe valve, seems threads were not cut sufficiently. I assembled the 4 water indicators to the manifold, using sealant.
2.5 Hours

Oct. 25th. Install the water tube valve into the manifold with the lock nuts and sealer. I used the glass tube and ferrules to make sure that the valves are at the same height from the manifold, (glass tube is parallel to manifold). Install the gland nuts, seals, and ferrules. Center the tube between the valve bodies and gradually tighten the gland nuts until snug. Make sure you keep the gland nut hex parallel with the valve block. I kept the red line facing the same direction as the water level sensors. File the top glass retainer (42218) evenly to fit over the gland nut hex. Pre fit the Glass Cage assembly so you understand how it goes together. My glass rattled when it was assembled, so I cut some double sided tape to fit in the grooves on the top assembly. Install the rods into the base of the cage, insert the 2 side panes, and hold in place with masking tape. Install onto the lower gland nut, install the remaining glass pane and secure with masking tape. Install the top piece (42218) aligning over the gland nut, rods, and glass panes, install nuts and carefully tighten evenly. Install the lock screw. Take your time and be careful so you don't break the glass tube or the panes. Finish valve assembly as directed, using sealer.
3.0 Hours

As usual ModelWorks has supplied us with outstanding machined parts. The water level sight glass is gorgeous; A lot engineering went into that piece. With the brass all polished these pieces pop and will only add beauty to the beast. Unfortunately these pieces do not get installed yet, but I am assured that the boiler is not far off.
Well I've got a seat to assemble, have fun.

Happy Building

Kit 14.


Click here for almost complete picture

Update 2010: Modelworks are now Steam Traction World their website can be found HERE

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