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Kit Fifteen. - "Seat"

October 21st, 2006.
Check inventory, read directions, and prefit parts. I made a drying rack for the spindles. I decided it was easier to paint the spindles prior to assembly. I’m painting the seat all black with red spindle accents. Apply first coat of black on the spindles and glue/dowel the base together.
2.0 Hours

Oct. 22nd. Glue uprights and top rail, apply 2nd paint coat on the spindles.
1.0 Hours

Oct. 23rd. Paint the spindle accents.
1.0 Hours

Oct. 24th. Glue and clamp the base, spindles, and top rail assembly as directed.
1.0 Hours

Oct. 25th. Fit and glue/dowel the front moldings as described.
1.0 Hours

Oct. 28th. Sand and fill gaps with wood putty, sand, fill, sand again, fill, sand and final sand with 220 grit paper.
2.5 Hours

Oct. 30th & 31st. Paint the seat assembly, 2 coats.
2.0 Hours

Nov. 1st. Mount the metal back rest to the top rail, and mount the back cushion to the metal back rest. I used brass screws to follow my trim scheme. Install the seat cushion alignment blocks. WOW! This seat looks real good. I’m not a wood crafter, but this kit made me look like one.
3.0 Hours

Nov. 2nd. I chose to mount my seat and deck lid differently from the MW’s directions. I set the seat on the deck lid and lined up the front of the seat with the front edge of the deck. I marked the base opening on the deck lid, and then cut out this rectangular opening. Measure a mark 1” outward from the cut edge centered directly over the body cross member holding the upper engine mount. I drilled a 5/16” hole through the seat base, deck lid and the cross member. One on each side. Using 2 - 5/16 x 4” carriage bolts and wing nuts to secure, now the seat and deck lid are secure to the body frame. I used 2 – ¼” brass countersunk bolts and clip nuts to secure the rear of the deck lid to the body frame.
2.0 Hours

I climbed up in the seat and realized you are quite elevated from the road, the tiller feels right and the seat is comfortable. By now you should be making steam sounds, shhhh shhhh, along with a whistle now and then. The company that ModelWorks used, Barby Village Woodturning, to supply the seat kit, did an outstanding job and kept with MW’s high standard of quality components. I found the assembly manual easy to understand and was able to produce a nice quality seat. I know you can too.

Happy Building

Kit 15.


Click here for almost complete picture

Update 2010: Modelworks are now Steam Traction World their website can be found HERE

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