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Kit 16 continued Boiler Assembly .

October 19, 2007
The boiler assembly is very straight forward; I used a small amount of spray adhesive to hold the Kaowool to the cladding panels, NOTE: use gloves while handling the wool as described in the instructions. This is a glass fiber and will hold onto your skin and can cause a serious irritation. I also used the disposable breather mask. I used a little Locktite on all the nuts securing the screens and flue.

Building the boiler on a wheeled cart allows you to move the boiler around easier, I used an engine hoist to lift the boiler and center it on the front panel, I also cut a 1” wide piece of wool and glued it around the 4 manifold ends that protrude from the panel side, this will allow a good heat seal and can be trimmed later. Set the boiler into the front panel making sure it is centered. Assembly went along pretty easily from this point, as you don’t have to move the boiler again until assembly is complete.
3.5 Hours

Oct. 30
I painted the boiler cladding with a high temp paint, I chose Almond to be different.
1.5 Hours

Oct. 31
Install the mounting brackets, I found I had to slightly elongate the holes to match up with the boiler, and I had to use a slightly longer bolt as the supplied bolts would only thread in 1 thread. Make sure that the bolts you use do not contact the boiler tubes, as this could cause wear on the tube and failure later on. I wrapped the wool sticking out around the manifold with high temp friction tape to help hold it in place and not easily get caught. It may come off on it’s own later on when running the car.
1.5 Hours

I wheeled the boiler off into a corner so I can then start on the spring stiffener installation. When the springs are finished I will then install the boiler.

Happy Building

Kit 16.

Click here for almost complete picture

Update 2010: Modelworks are now Steam Traction World their website can be found HERE

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