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Kit 8.

I chose to have my side panels removable. Before removing the panels I clamped into place previously, I marked all the holes on the panel with pencil. On the existing tabs for the panel screws I tapped the holes with a ¼' x 20 tap and used a ¼ x 1" bolt with a brass acorn nut and finish washer. A hole had to be drilled and tapped in the front body frame and a hole drilled in the wood floor supports (LK1710M). A 2" bolt is needed for the front mount thru the frame, Locktite was used to secure all the bolts. Now I have 8 studs evenly spaced for the panels.
The plywood side panels are prone to splintering when drilling thru, use a small starter drill first, then chamfer all the holes front and back. Now you can follow thru with a ¼" drill bit and follow the edges with the chamfer again. Test fit panels to the body, perfect fit.
I used a good paint primer on both sides and applied 2 coats of Gloss Black paint to each side; I also painted the floor supports Black as well.
While the paint was drying I made up plugs for the water tanks so I could add the POR 15 tank sealer and coat all the sides. Let the tanks drain the excess for at least 30 minutes. When the POR 15 sets remove the plugs and make sure the threads are clean. Let the tanks sit for 2 days.
I polished the brass water tank cap, it looks great. Installed the water tanks and side panels, and stood back to admire my creation. Now it's looking like the Locomobile that we are replicating.
5.0 Hours
I was having some trouble with my camera and some of the pictures came out a little dark.
Happy Building

Rear Brake Caliper Mounting Correction.

Click here for almost complete picture

Update 2010: Modelworks are now Steam Traction World their website can be found HERE

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Super Heater, Hand Pump, and Plumbing.

Some Final Assembly and First Time Steam Up.

Road Test and a few Modifications.

Locomobile Cylinder Drains July 2009.

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