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H2O Free - Waterless Car Wash
Clean your car anywhere, without the need for water. Go to

Early American Automobiles
Royal Feltner, from Amesbury,MA, has produced a website about early American cars and is now working on a book. He knew Jeff Theobald well and sent him information about the Hoyt Steamer. He has said that he's happy for anyone to make use of his work.

The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain.
Home page of the V.C.C.

Virtual Steam Car Museum from Don Hoke.

Steam Traction World.
Steam Traction World

Hire Steam
Stanley Steam Cars available for hire for Weddings, Proms and Corporate Events

Steam Bike Links. Suggested by John Britain. - - - - - -

Doble Links. Suggested by John Britain. - - -

Stanley Links. Suggested by John Britain.

Car History 4U.
The Steam Section of this very extensive site.

Peter Brow's Web Site.                                 Click here for Peter's old web site.
Peter Brow is a southern California landlord, inventor, writer, artist, and futurist.
his website has been created to introduce his unusual and sometimes visionary work to the public.

Karl Petersen. Interesting Website.
Karl has built quite a few steam car boilers and engines over the years. Currently he is working on a Citroen
converted to run on steam. Lots of fascinating pages here to check out. He also runs the excellent "Lightsteam"
e-mail list, where people interested in steam cars and other light steam technology can share ideas, get advice,
and debate various approaches. More info on that at this website.

Steam & Engine of Australia
Steam & Engine of Australia. Bring the power of the past into your life today.

Story of a Stanley 735B
A website dedicated to technical information relating to Stanley Motor Carriage Company Steam Cars, and the restoration of a Model 735 Stanley.

Terry Fry's Web Site
A website in the making, a record of adventures in a Stanley EX.

Stanley Steamers John Woodson's excellent site.

Steam Automobile Club of America

Stanley Museum (USA)

The Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve (USA)
This is the private collection of Thomas C. Marshall, Jr.

Don Hoke Stanley Steam Car Site.
The Hoke Family Stanley Steamer Web Site.

Stanley Register Online.
This site is for educational purposes only, no profit, no warranty, express or implied...
Aggregated by - Kelly R. Williams.

Story of a 1924 Stanley 750A
This website was created to provide information about Tom Dawson's Stanley and steam cars in general.

Sharpos World

New Zealand Steam Scene
An interesting site mainly steam boats.

Vintage Steam Products
A big supplier of parts to club members owning Stanley Steamers.

Reliable Steam Engine Co
Supplier of castings,drawings for engines and boilers

North West Steam Society
An interesting site, mainly steam boats.

British Steam Car Challenge

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs         Information Letter

The Sentinel Drivers Club

'Vintage Spirit' Magazine

National Traction Engine Trust.

Old Glory

Classic Motor Monthly, UK

Car and Classic company
The place to buy and sell classic cars

Cruquius gemaal Pumping Station

Wouda gemaal Museum

Not all related to steam cars but interesting second link's page.......... 
link page 2

The Steam Car Club of Great Britain
The World's Premier Steam Car Preservation Organisation
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