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Successful Test Runs April 1st 2009

Triumphant Don Wales after the first of two very successful runs
First run 72 mph second run 80.8 mph, almost ran out of runway! see video link and full page link.

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Fantastic Looking Car.

The British Steam car team today successfully carried out two test runs.
The 25ft-long British Steam Car reached speeds of 72 and 80.8mph on tarmac at the Ministry of Defence's Thorney Island facility in Emsworth, Hampshire.

Don Wales poses beside the car at the end of the first test run, a speed of 72 MPH was achived.

Here the car is seen running up on one of the support rigs. This rig is supplying 24 volts, water at 40-50litres per minute at 40-bar pressure, a supply of liquid propane at ~14kg per minute. It is a complex process. When ready the rig is disconnected and the car gets away using onboard systems, this picture was taken from over half a mile away with the car almost ready to go.

60 seconds later seen here at the end of the second run, the car achived 80.2 MPH, almost running out of runway, the road surface was very poor in areas, so the car had to run a zig-zag path to avoid possible damage to panels from potholes.

Some of the crew check the car at the end of the run.

T.V. crews and other media people interview Don Wales.

The crew pose with the car, after the successful run.

Don Wales shows off his lucky charm given to his grandfather by Don's mother 'Jean'.

Don's lucky charm.

The car sitting in the sunshine after the two successful runs.
Technical read outs, steam pressure reached 40 bar 600psi, steam temperature reached 320 Deg C and the flow rate was a shade under 40Kg/min. maximum speed reach at point of shut down 80.8 MPH Don Wales reported the car was accelerating faster as the shut down point was reached, and he almost ran out of road!

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