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Steam Car Latest News November 2008

Short video of the car moving off.
Same video better quality.

You Tube Video

First Video of the car at Thorney.

First Run.

We have completed the first couple of dynamic runs of the steam car at Newtown Park.
The team have had to learn new roles. A team of 6 people is involved in launching the car. The sequence of operations involved in checking, filling and starting the car requires coordination, timing and teamwork.


We have tested the oversize Go-Jack that will be used to turn around the car.

The rear wheels are raised up into the air using the air jacks. The yellow Go-Jack is wheeled under the car and the rear wheels are chocked.

With plenty of manpower applied to the push bars the car can be turned around the front wheels.

Record Attempt

We have had a preliminary meeting with Edwards Air Force Base, in California, about the possibility of running the car on the dry lakebed, once it has dried out following winter rains.
During the trip to Los Angeles we were able to visit a number of potential suppliers. These included locating a source of demineralised water, liquid propane, communications, rental equipment and accommodation for the team.

We also caught up with key members of the S.C.T.A. Southern Californian Timing Association at the last El Mirage meeting of the year, who will be instrumental in helping us with course survey, layout and official timing.

We are reviewing our shipping options, and looking at how we can store the car over the winter.

Next steps
We are now planning to run at Thorney Island, near Portsmouth, as soon as we have suitable weather.

Once we have completed our UK testing we will look to store the car until we have a shipping date in the New Year.

Short video of the car moving off.
Same video better quality.

You Tube Video.

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