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  Welcome to The Steam Car Club

In the Stanley Dealer Bulletin number 206 it states:

The model 740 is equipped with a new type of lubricator which pumps a much smaller amount of oil.

 The oil used is Atlantic 20th Century Cylinder Oil, a heavy-bodied, superheat steam cylinder oil.

Do not confuse the Atlantic 20th Century Cylinder Oil with the thin-compound, diluted cylinder oils (Atlantic Stanley Cylinder Oil) such as are used in the Model 735 and earlier models.

In delivering Model 740s to customers you cannot impress upon them too forcibly that the model 735 thin-bodied, diluted cylinder oil used with the 740 lubricator will not lubricate the engine.

Stanley Dealer Bulletin number 208 continues with:

    Owners of condenser cars of models up to and including 735 and 736 must continue to use Atlantic Stanley Cylinder Oil for their engines.

    They should not use Atlantic 20th Century Cylinder Oil which is thick, heavy-bodied, undiluted oil, and is provided for the model 740.  If this heavy oil is used in the earlier condenser cars which require a thin diluted oil, it will give excessive lubrication, which while it will do no harm to the engine, but will have injurious effect on water pumps, condenser, boiler, etc.

    The new lubricator has been well received and it's advantages are increasingly obvious....

The 740 oil box containing the 740 lubricator is mounted in the same place as the former oil box, and is rectangular. In addition to the box and lubricator, the actuating lever from the pump cross head, the cross bearing, and the indicator, will be needed. The list price of the equipment needed for the change is $38.70. We are in position to fill orders promptly.

Stanley Dealer Bulletin number 209 continues with:

    ...(the new model 740 lubricator) The design and construction are fundamental and reliable, permitting the pump to deliver with assurance the small quantity of undiluted oil which is required for lubrication.

    The cylinder oil indicator on the dash is a dial with the hand following a semi-circle line, a segment of which is marked "Off" and the remainder "On". It operates by pressure instead of quantity.

    The lubricator runs at a very low speed, i.e. one revolution to 135 revolutions of the engine. This accounts for the time necessary to build up the required pressure in the oil line and cause it to register on the indicator. There is a crank at the left of the oil box for hand operation in emergency. This operates directly; that is, one to one.

    As soon as the delivery line is filled, it will be indicated by the hand leaving the pin, and the distance the hand travels will vary with the pressure on the steam line.

This info from Pat Farrell.

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