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The Steam Car Club of Great Britain caters for owners of steam cars and steam cycles old and new. You do not have to own a steam car. Perhaps you want one or are just interested in these vehicles or their further developments.

In October 1998 we launched the new magazine called "The Steam Car" a new magazine for the club members. In each edition of the magazine there will be advertisements for cars and parts, a calendar of the activities of the club as well as technical articles and accounts of any touring done in those busy previous three months since the release of the last magazine.

A summary of the contents for each magazine starting with the earliest can be seen below.
BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE £3.75 each plus P&P.

  Issue 51 April 2011
Spills, Chills and Hot Road Thrills Ollie Calver
Bill Lloyd "Down Under"
Bill Lloyd
Stanley Engines, Their Repair & Care
T. Clarence Marshall
Windrush Update
Barry Herbert
London to Brighton problems
George Hounslow
1907 Buard Steam Motorcycle
Mike Clark
Norfolk Tour 2010
David Doak
"Effie" Mark 2
Brent Campbell
3 miles an hour fardier
Vicki Craske
From Sentinels to Stanleys Part 2
Harold Bell
Blue Belle
Barry Herbert
From Jeff's Archives

  Issue 52 July 2011
Bill Lloyd "Down Under" - Part 2 Bill Lloyd
One Planet, One Engine
Cyclone Power Technologies
Why did Doble fit Turbo Boosters
Jim Crank
Recreation of Whistling Billy Part 2
Bob Dyke
5th Australian Steam Car Tour
Marilyn Oliver
"EffieMark 1"
Brent Campbell
From Sentinels to Stanleys Part 3
Harold Bell
150th Anniversary of the Mt Washington Auto Road
Debbie Smith
Pack up your troubles
Peter Cookson
From Jeff's Archives

  Issue 53 October 2011
5th Australian Steam Car Tour Part 2 Marilyn Oliver
Dampf in Melle 2011
Brian Smallwood
The Wyvern System
Richard Eagle
The Restoration
Brian Robinson
A Steamy Story
Peter Stevenson
Chistmas Cake Recipe
Jim Pryde
The Steam Car Club of GB Map of the World
Barry Herbert
The Nelson never not on tour - Cotswold 2011
Les Nelson
Cotswold in Camera
Vicki Craske
Married Life with Jeff
Pauline Theobald
Cotswold Meet
Les Nelson
Steam Car Tour Down Under - an Australians experience
Jerry Everard
From Jeff's Archives

  Issue 54 January 2012
A Steamy Story - Part 2 Peter Stevenson
An Appeciation of Bill Rich
Peter Cookson & Mike Clark
Dungog Steam Car Tour - Australia - 2011
Trevor Gaut
Steam Cars other than Stanleys
Thomas. C. Marshall Jr.
Hup, Hup, and away
Richard Pink
Driffield show photos 2011
The Steam Cars of the Marshall collection 1942-1998
T.C. Marshall Jr
.Marilyn Oliver and Navigation Marilyn Oliver
Yorkshire Pudding Tout
Marilyn Oliver
A Stanley Bus in New Zealand
Donald R. Hoke
London to Brighton 2011
Richard Pink
From Jeff's Archives

  Issue 55 April 2012
A Steamy Story - Part 3 Peter Stevenson
The 9 Model 85 Stanleys
Kelly Williams
Combustion and Heat Transfer in Steamcars
J.D. Richard
Pellandini Steam Car
Ray Stanley's 3 Passenger 30hp Roadster update
Brent Campbell
Resoration of Stanley Roadster Model 740 - Part 4
Mark Drake
Old 1900 Document
"End to End" by Steam Car in 1900 St.
John C Nixon
Doble Questions and Answers
Elliot Fletcher & Jim Crank
Who am I kiddding?
Brian Smallwood

  Issue 56 July 2012
Restoration of a Stanley Roadster 740 - Part 5 Mark Drake
The Steam Men of the 18/1900's
The Clarkson Steam Bus
John A Coyer
Lane Steam Car of 1909
Alan Hancock
Ode to a Brooks Steamer
Has a Committee Member nothing to do?
Pellandine Steam Cars
Restoring and Improving a 1922 Stanley HMT 758
U.H. Shaw
A 1300 Mile Jaunt in 1924 H
Clark Foster
Honeysuckle Farm Hornsea
Barry Herbert
2012 Melle
Heiner Roessler
Restoring/Improving a 1922 Stanley - Part 1
A 1300 mile jaunt in 1924

  Issue 57 October 2012
Restoring/Improving a 1922 Stanley - Part 2 U.H. Shaw
Red Rock Tour 2013 report
1927 Chevrolet One Ton Steam Truck
Ray Kosiancie
Toledo Finished - Well Nearly
Nick Howell
2012 Melle - Part 2
Heiner Roessler
Clinker Tyre Fix for the Locomobile
Harry Hibler
Wolds Waggoner
Barry Herbert
Air Intake Flares
Mike Clark & Pat Farrell
8 Miles without a Pilot (or Pilot Fuel)
Tom Dawson
English Bodied Stanley
George Hounslow
Keeping a Boiler Clean Stanley Dealer Bulletin
Les and Pat Nelsons 2012 Cotswold Gathering
Going Places or "let's have a steam up"
Les Nelson
Eastern Steam Car Tour - Stowe Vermont
VCCA British Columbia Tour, Canada
18th Charles Clark Classic Car Rally
East Riding Engine Club 21st show
Book Review: The Una-Flow Engine
Prof.Stumpf Doug Leeming
A Stanley Van
Rod Ewing
Fight the Diesel Bug
Barry Herbert
Graested Veteran Traef
Per Nielson
Middleton in Teesdale in Pictures
Donald Cook

  Issue 58 January 2013
Restoring/Improving a 1922 Stanley U.H. Milton
Stanley Motor Carriage Co
Don Hoke
The Driver's Friends
Covered Bridges Tour in Oregon - Photos
Pat Farrell
1903 Chelmsford Steam Car Trustees of Burmby Hall
The Dean of Steam
Barry Herbert
Land Rover Steam Revelation
Roger White
The History of OUR steam cars - 1907 EX 3395
Ken Foster
The Ups and Downs of Middleton in Teesdale
Liz Cookson
A Stanley Model H Puzzle
Mike Clark
Best Pictures from Prescott Hill Climb 2012
IOWA Steamin" Hot Car Tour
Mike Roach

  Issue 59 April 2013
Restoring / improving a 1922 Stanley – Part 4 U.H. Shaw
1905 Boss Steam Car returns to Reading
Ron Devlin
Disc Brakes for a Mountain Waggon
Pat Farrell
Lykamobile Kit
Tom Cardiner
A Grand Day Out
Dudley Watta
American Trailer Brakes uin the U.K Dept of Transport
Are the Disc Brakes original?
Vicki Craske
The History of OUR steam cars
George Hounslow
Pre 1960 vehicles
Testing a Gurney in the 1800's
Nick Howell
Know your Woods
Barry Herbert
Spoked Wire Wheels
Rolly Evans
Stanley 7644 Latest Update
Barry Herbert
2013 AGM report
Alun Griffiths
Old Photos and newspaper clippings

  Issue 60 July 2013
Restoring/Imroving a 1922 Stanley U.H. Shaw
100 years of Bibendum
Donald Cook
Jim Olford
Latest Project
John Liming
Downton Abbey and lack of Steam Cars
Barry Herbert
Prescott 2012 in Pictures
George Hounslow
Steam Speed America
Chuck Williams
Sheila - A Model T steam car
Richard Pink
The Beamish Collection of Steam Photographs
Donald Cook
Stanley burners, keeping your flame clean and strong
Don Bourdon
Locomobiles at Niagara
Don Hoke

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