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The Steam Car Club of Great Britain caters for owners of steam cars and steam cycles old and new. You do not have to own a steam car. Perhaps you want one or are just interested in these vehicles or their further developments.

In October 1998 we launched the new magazine called "The Steam Car" a new magazine for the club members. In each edition of the magazine there will be advertisements for cars and parts, a calendar of the activities of the club as well as technical articles and accounts of any touring done in those busy previous three months since the release of the last magazine.

A summary of the contents for each magazine starting with the earliest can be seen below.
BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE £3.75 each plus P&P.

  Issue 61
October 2013
(Special 25 year Anniversary Issue)
In the Beginning Alun Griffiths
How it all began and Ramblings of the past 25 years
Ray Clark
Restoring / Improving a 1922 Stanley - Part 6
U. Shaw
Stanley Burners, Keeping your Flame clean - Pt 2
Don Bourdon
The White Throttle
A Trip to the Cotswolds
Les Nelson
Keen Streamliner
Jim Benjaminson
Brooks Steamer 1924-25
Bill Vance
Congratulations from Europe
Heiner Roessler
More Revalations on Bugatti Patent
Doug Leeming
Congratulations from Australia/New Zealand
Brian Rankine & Trev Gaut
Another Car to his collection
Bryan Richmond-Dodd
Steamin'The Roads of Rhode Island John Linderman
Members around the World Map
Barry Herbert
Flint Hills Steam Car Tour
Richard Friedeman
Melle 2013
Heiner Roessler
Scarborough Fair
Harold Bell
Doble Post Card Mailer for stock
Don Hoke
Driffield 2013 Road Run
Harold Bell
Doble Steam Car E20
Richard L Hempel
Sheila, Model T steam powered
Richard Pink
Three Counties Steam Car Tour
George Hounslow & Dad
Congratulations on our 25 years
Jay Leno
Firing-Up the American Steamcars
Tom Dawson

  Issue 62 January 2014
Thoughts on Steam Roger White
I learned from Marriott
W.M. Houghton
Twenty Long Winters
Dick Hempel
Barn Find of Long Ago
Bulb Horn
The Song of the Steam Car
How many parts in a Stanley
Tom Marshall
Prescott American Autumn Classic 2013
Phil Kroll
2013 London to Brighton
Dr. Jerry Everard
Skew You
Les Nelson
The White Steamer
New York Public Library
Broken Stud/Screw removal
Hugh Tuck

  Issue 63 April 2014
Steam - Driven Cars John Silveira
Toledo Problems on the 2013 London to Brighton
Jim Gregory
Steam Powered Motor Home
Brian Hunt
A Report from the Road - Brooks Car
6850 Blikenstaff Special
Kelly Williams
Shortened version of 2015 AGM

Oil painting of Doble E22 and Silver Ghost
Adrian Thompson
1922 Stanley Again Rejuvenated
Bill Lloyd
An Unconventional Coal Burning Car
Raymond Stanley's 30hp Special
Photos Brent Campbell
They Went By Steam
Dr. Alex Moulton
My Water Bottle Won't Work Bill Zerega

  Issue 64 July 2014
The Gvang from information supplied by John Pryde
Whistling Billy's Progress - An Update
Dr. Robert Dyke
Letter re Doble E.24
Peter H.Lewis
Water Level Control
Les Nelson
White Owner's 14 Commandments
Jim Crank
Photos sent in re Stanleys
Per Nielsen
Journey by Indian Pacific to see Steam Cars
Barry Herbert
Registration Updates
Arthur Thomson

  Issue 65 October 2014
E9 or El0 - Which is it? Peter Lewis, Jim Crank, Editor
Doble D2 made out of Lego
Peter Blackert
Dobles Down Under
Donald R. Hoke Ph.D
Melle 2014
Arthur Thomson
Stanley Steamer Bulletin 206
Pat Farrell
Restoration Humour from the Internet
North Yorks Moors Railway Event
Barry Herbert
Alterations to Doble E10 whilst at Sentinels
Editor & Jim Crank
Phil Kroll Photography Phil Kroll
Peter Turvey writes Peter Turvey
Further Information from Peter Turvey Peter Turvey
Photography on the move Malcolm Ranier
Driffield Steam & Vintage Rally Barry Herbert
Drill Conversion chart Anon

Steam Car Magazine
  Issue 66 January 2015
To the Canyon Amy B Wang
Midland Meander Tour Advert
Peter Stevenson
North East Chapter Annual Meet
Dr Tom Dawson
Ode to the Cotswold Tours
Neville Fox & Brian Smallwood
Domsjo Angbilstekniska Per Nielsen
1908 Vanderbilt Stanley
Huw Williams
H.H. Steam Stewart
Dr D.R. Hole PhD
Conrad Steam Car
Per Nielsen
Morriss Steam Car
Les Nelson & Jim Morriss
A Week at the Yorkshire 2014 Tour
Harold Bell
Prescott Hill Climb 2014 Photos
Phil Kroll
Shetland Tour 2015
Michael Parr

Steam Car Magazine
  Issue 67 April 2015
Hood Repairs Mark Stacey
My Sat Nav Problems Sarah Evans & John Summers
In the Beginning
Bill Lloyd & Dick Hempel
Midland Meander Tour 2015 Advert Peter Stevenson
Do You Know This Car? Don Hoke
Marriotts Medals
1917 Stanley 730 Howard Johnson
London To Brighton 2014 Jim Gregory
Model T Steamer and Planet Engine Don Cook & Mike Clark
The Waltham Speedometer - How it Works Barry Herbert
More Lego Steam Cars - Doble E20, E18 and Chassis Peter Blackert
Shetland Tour 2016 Michael Parr

Steam Car Magazine
  Issue 68 July 2015
In the Beginning Bill Lloyd and the late Dick Hempel
Overhauling a Stanley 740 Condenser Mark Stacey
Coats Steam Car Anon
1915 Detroit Electric Car Bill Lloyd
Alex Moultons Steam Activities Alun Griffiths
Hughes Engine and Boiler Tom Kimmel
Doble Triple Woodfired Land Rover Roger White
Non Return Valves Les Nelson
The Stanley Steam Car THE MOTOR
1918 Stanley Model 735B Nigel Hollis

Steam Car Magazine

Issue 69 October 2015
Peter Stevenson's Midland Meander Barry Herbert
Peter Stevenson's Midland Meander Sandra Herbert

Thirlmere Steam Festival Mary Wear
1893 Custom Steam Coach Barry Herbert
Cab of "City of Canberra" Beyer Garrett
Vapour Trails Barry Herbert
In the Beginning - Part 3 Bill Lloyd and the late Dick Hempel
Notes on the recent Midland Meander Tour Bob Dyke
The Cotswolds 2015 Les Nelson
Recent Import from USA

Steam Car Magazine

Issue 70 December 2015
A Trip to the Lake District Les Nelson & Donald Cook
Oil Separation in a Condensing Stanley Mark Drake
Selective Oil Trap Mark Drake
Steamin' Again After 50 Years Peter Turvey
Flaming Dobles Barry Herbert
A Prototype Steam Car: 1925 Stanley Donald R. Hoke. PhD
West of England Steam Rally Bob Dyke
Castle Coombe Racing Circuit Bob Dyke

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