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The Steam Car Club of Great Britain caters for owners of steam cars and steam cycles old and new. You do not have to own a steam car. Perhaps you want one or are just interested in these vehicles or their further developments.

In October 1998 we launched the new magazine called "The Steam Car" a new magazine for the club members. In each edition of the magazine there will be advertisements for cars and parts, a calendar of the activities of the club as well as technical articles and accounts of any touring done in those busy previous three months since the release of the last magazine.

A summary of the contents for each magazine starting with the earliest can be seen below.
BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE £3.75 each plus P&P.

Magazine 71Issue 71
April 2016
Ingersoll Awards Society of Automotive Historians
Comment to the Non Return Valve
Arnoud Carp
A Prototype Steam Car - Part 2 Don Hoke
Repairs to a Stanley Cylinder Block Don Cook
Choosing a Sealant Per Nielsen
Gone but not Forgotten
Quentin Howell
Doble F Type Engine

Photo of 1909 Stanley Model R Richard Knott
NTET Drive it Day
Touring from the North to South R.H. Johnston
Steam in the Willows
Krista Brennan
Melle Helpers Heiner Roessler

Magazine 72Issue 72
July 2016
Leak Free Screwed Taper Joints Alun Griffiths
Confessions of a Virgin Steam Car Carer (Pt 1)
John Savage
Toad and Friends Driven out of Wild Wood
Private Eye Magazine
Further Notes on Non Return Valve Clacks
Les Nelson
Controlling the Monotube
HD Garner
Mancelle d'Amédée Boilée 1878

Trip to Statfold Barn Railway 2015
Peter Stevenson
On the Separation of Oil from Feed Water
David K. Negard
Black Pearl Steam Motorcycle
Revatu Customs
Registered Historic Vehicles in the UK
NTET Drive It Day

Rankine Cycle (Pt 1)
James Crank and Ken Helmick

Magazine 73Issue 73
October 2016
2016 SACA Northwest Pat Farrell
Cotswold 2016 in Pictures
Barry Herbert
Rankine Cycle Part 2 jim Crank and Ken Helmick
Bessie Robert Dyke

Whistling Billy at Chateau Impney
Robert Dyke
An Unusual Steam Car Engine
Dave Young and Don Cook
Workshop Corner Les Nelson
Chairman's 5 Inch Railway Barry Herbert

Magazine 74Issue 74
January 2017
Steam, Forest & Tea Karen Beadle-Rich
A Wiltshire Wander
Arthur & Peral Thomson
1879 Italian Steam Car Davide Lorenzone
Recognise These Steam Cars?
3 Valve Steam Engine John H Fehn
Chanteloupe Les Vignes Jim Gregory
1888 Truchetet Steam Car
2017 AGM Details
Doble & Sentinel
Rankine Cycle Part 3 Jim Crank & Ken Helmick
Stop That Leak Alun Griffiths
What It Means Being British
1901 Amercian Steam Car

Magazine 75Issue 75
April 2017
Rankine Cycle Part 4 Jim Crank & Ken Helmick
A Wiltshire Wander
Arthur & Pearl Thomson
Black Pearl Steam Motorcycle Revatu Customs
Christmas Letter Don Hoke & Family
Salveson on the 2016 London to Brighton John Brydon
Flaming Dobles Part 2 Barry Herbert
White Model T on London to Brighton Robert Lederer
Someones's 3 Wheeled Steam Car

Magazine 76Issue 76
July 2017
Rankine Cycle Part 5 Jim Crank & Ken Helmick
The Public's Lack of Knowledge Jay Leno
Personal View of Jim Crank Article Les Nelson
Stanley 735B and Doble D2 Update Richard Thomson
New Brake Drum Kit for Stanley Model R Peter Stevenson
Oil Separator for a Condensing Stanley David Rushton
Mysterious V4 Engine Warwick Bryce
Some of the Steam Cars at Driffield
Flaming Dobles Part 3 Barry Herbert
My Stanley Has Two Hook Ups Don Cook

Magazine 77Issue 77
October 2017
Rankine Cycle Part 4 Jim Crank & Ken Helmick
Flaming Dobles Part 3
Barry Herbert
The Truth About Hell
Experiences with Steam Cars Late Wilf Cole
The Resume of Melle 2017 Harold Bell
A Wiltshire Wander Pearl & Arthur Thomson
Obituary - Jim Crank Barry Herbert
Les and Pat's 2017 Cotswold Tour in Pictures Barry Herbert
2017 Cotswold Tour Pubs Visited Barry Herbert

Magazine 77Issue 78
January 2018
Rankine Cycle Pt 5
Jim Crank & Ken Hemlick
Flaming Dobles Pt 4 Barry Herbert
Rear View Mirror Mike Tucker
I'm pleased to be able to be a member Kersten Vietan
1879 Steam Carriage Davide Lorenzone
This Actually Happened Pat Farrell
History of a Stanley Richard Granger
Doble E11 Under Restoration Bill Lloyd
Goodwood Festival of Speed Alison Tucker

Dallying in the Dales
Les Nelsen, Donald & Lesley Cook
John Meredith's Steam Cars in York

Malden Steam Car in Instanbul Derek Rayner
Gardner-Serpollet Makers Plate Derek Rayner
New Book by Don Hoke
Sad News - Peter Lumsden Chris Busk
Stanley Steamer 750
The Japanese Family Mystery
Currier, Camerob & Co.

Magazine 79Issue 79
April 2018
Rankine Cycle Pt 6
Jim Crank & Ken Hemlick
New Zealand - The Rankine Cycle Brian Rankine

Latest Updates on the Antipodean Dobles Brian Rankine, Bill Lloyd
Through the Alps to the Apennines (1911) P.G. Konody
1901 Port Stanhope Steam Car George Hounslow
2017 Cotswold Gathering Malcolm Ranieri
Williams Steam Power Units Alun Griffiths
A Bypass Oil Separator David Rushton
In Memorium - Charles Ryland Burnett III Bill Rich
Doble D2 Update Richard Thomson

Magazine 80Issue 80
July 2018
Summer Tour Advert
Rankine Cycle - Final Part
Jim Crank & Ken Hemlick
Through the Alps to the Apennines P.G. Konody
Grout Steam Car in Museum Derek Rayner
Steam Powered Suzuki Will Broadbent
New Cast White Blocks Robert Dyke
Bloodhound Project
GDPR - Important Announcement
Stanley Model 85 For Sale Barry Herbert
Emperor J.P. Swindlehurst
A White Good Trevithick Day Steamcarbob

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