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Model H 20hp Gentlemens Speedy Roadster.

After 10 years of intensive steam therapy I feel I am now well enough to sell my Model H.  I have had tremendous satisfaction from working on and running this car and am only selling it so I can move on to other non steam projects which are waiting in my shed.  It is a very well sorted, usable and truly exciting steam car which will be a damned hard act to follow!

This car was rebuilt by me with much help from the Goold family between 1995 and 2001 incorporating a 1907 20hp 3.625 x 5 inch engine (F525) and other original mechanical parts with a new body.

I have as far as is practical tried to keep it authentic to the original design and appearance while ironing out the well known weaknesses of the Model H so that it can be driven to its full potential.  Much of this has been written up in The Steam Car and The Automobile and the car itself is very well known in both The Steam Car Club of Great Britain and the Vintage Sports Car Club.

It has done approximately 6500 miles since completion, including 1100 miles in 2009.  It works just as it should and is glorious to drive, with delightful steering, terrific acceleration and hill climbing and quiet, effortless cruising.  Its speed is, like the horsepower of a Rolls Royce, sufficient!  It is a most exciting car to drive and to the uniniated passenger, quite amazing.

It has just had a full service ready for 2010 including relining the brakes and an inspection of all mechanical, burner and steam systems.  The boiler certificate is valid until January 2011 and the MOT certificate until August 2010.

The engine has a new, stronger cylinder block, beefed up frame rods and cranks made from EN24.  The boiler is a 23" x 14 inch by John Goold (SWP 600psi).  The burner runs on 50/50 petrol/diesel and the pilot burns unleaded petrol (no hexane required). &nbspA very effective feed water heater in the steam exhaust is able to supply water to the boiler at 100 centigrade.  Brakes (rear wheels only) are 2 leading shoe hydraulic with an external contracting handbrake.  The side lights are the original paraffin type and the headlights are a superb set of original 10" Rushmores with a working acetylene generator. &nbspThe pilot is fitted with a continuous sparker and a thermocouple pilot indicator.  Additional instruments include a pressure gauge on the main burner vaporiser which gives the driver a clear indication of what the burner is doing, and a steam line pressure gauge which discourages the driver from overstressing the engine.  Tyres are 875x105 Dunlops and the gearing is for 750rpm at 60mph.

I shall be very sorry to see this car depart but I've a lot to do and time flies too fast!



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