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First Modelworks Likamobile steam car registered in UK
Apparently it fell under the same category as scale model traction engines which are easily registered for road use.

Rick Stoeber is offering Likamobile accessories. (Click here).

Kit 16. Boiler and Burner has arrived. (Click here).

Modelworks Likamobile Kit
By Rick Stoeber

Attention Likamobile Builders;

I spoke with Simon Cast, from ModelWorks, yesterday. I am relating the information to you.

The reason for the delay in the kits and the boiler is that the chief engineer Steve Babcok has made a few changes to the boiler from the original design. The prototype boiler worked OK, but Steve being the perfectionist that he is, wasn't 100% satisfied. He designed a superheater into the boiler to give the engine a little more kick. This new design is the final boiler that has received it's testing and certification. The operating pressure should be around 300 psi.

The boiler has been tested and certified to 2500 psi. That's a large safety margin. The Likamobile will be able to perform at 40 mph, 15 mile to a full tank of water, and 8 miles to a gallon of diesel.

The springs will have special spring stiffeners supplied, which will increase the spring rate by 50%. If you view the prototype under steam video, you can see these stiffeners installed. Simon stated that the prototype Likamobile with the stiffeners performed well and ably supported the boiler, full tanks of water and fuel and 2 large blokes (450lbs.).

Unfortunately the boilers won't start arriving until July. ModelWorks will be sending out some of the remaining components shortly. As to what, is a question; possibly the dash, control panel, chain, and other miscellaneous parts. Simon did not know at this time.

That's the latest, so keep on building.

Happy Building;


Click here for build at the end of 2006.

Click here for short movie of Likamobile in steam.

Rick Stoeber
48 Broad St. #332
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Web page:- MemoriesDreams.com
Email:- RicksKlassics@aol.com 
732-219-8949 EST

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