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For those that may never be able to visit the Stanley Museum in Kingfield
this series of pictures will give an idea of what can be seen.

The first picture is of the "Family History Room" on the first floor of the Stanley School.
and shows a 1905 Model CX on loan to the Museum by one of our members for display purposes
a pair of pianos, photographs by Chansonetta Stanley Emmons and paintings
by Dorothy Stanley Emmons can be seen in the background.

The second photo shows a display of family photos and memorabilia
centered around a desk once used by F.E. Stanley at his Newton, Massachusetts home.

Two more photos from the "Family Room" exhibits:
The first shows the original body of the Museum's 1910 Model 70
preserved for current and future reference - behind is the primary display area for
Chansonetta's photography and the Stanley violin exhibit.

The second image details part of the photography exhibit,
with two early airbrush portraits by F.E. Stanley above..

The next two images are of the "Car Room" on the first floor of the old Stanley School.
The first shows that the exhibit area also doubles as a work area at least one night a week
when the Steam Car Workshop crew services the cars - this photo shows museum volunteers
Glenn Byron, Jim Benoit and Mark Smith (left to right) administering to the Museum's 1916 Model 725.

The second image shows exhibits along the south wall of the car room
(clearly visible as a former classroom with blackboards and chalk trays)
Here one can see our Stanley powerplant display:
a 20 hp engine, boiler, burner, superheater, etc., these can be moved around
the exhibit area to make room for the cars being moved in and out of the Museum.

The Stanley Museum has a sister facility in Estes Park, Colorado,
This is where F.O. Stanley's doctor sent him to recuperate from tuberculosis in 1903.
Stanley made many contributions to the development of the town,
including the grand Stanley Hotel. The Estes Park branch celebrates his local achievements.
The Museum's entrance is in a modern facility in the Lower Village.

The Colorado museum staff and volunteers pause for a photograph while they manoeuvre the Museum's 1909 Model R into the rather tight exhibit space in the new Estes Park quarters.
The Colorado museum also occasionally displays and operates a 1912 Model 63 on loan from one of the Museum's local members.

Stanley Museum, Kingfield, Maine, U.S.A.

Click here to see Lane steam engine exibit.

End of Summer Brochure 2007.

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