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Posted by: (78.150.14.---)
Date: November 16, 2008 04:47AM

Re- Newsletter by Chris Busk
Congratulations and well done Chris. At last some clarity and correct sensible thinking on all the nonsense that has prevailed in the club to date. It underlines what a lot of us,understand and have been practicing all along. There has never been any doubt that the legality of a vehicle steam or otherwise rests 100% with the owner/operator.
With regard to MOTs, many including me, have a certificate exempting my vehicle from conforming to an MOT test. That is precisely what it means, it does not mean that I do NOT have to have an MOT certificate. I can hear your response from here, it is a piece of nonsense bureaucracy, but it is what we have to work with. How you get your certificate is variable but a lot of us manage it without a great deal of hardship.
A comment of the mono-tube steam generators. Agreed the mono-tube is not a pressure vessel, but the rest of the installation does constitute "a system". If we are to use PSSR2000 as a standard to test to; then the controls and safety devices associated pipework will require periodic inspection and testing. There is no legal requirement for us to test and inspect but in todays litigious climate it would be sensible to do so. If so, then the PSSR 2000 would be the best standard to work to.
The proposals in Chris's newsletter would in my view be the best way forward for the club, both he and the committee have my full support. I sincerly hope that enough support for proposals are forthcomming and we move to less turbulent times

Regards John Hill

Re: Newsletter
Posted by: Mike Clark (
Date: November 18, 2008 03:33PM

Stuart find another garage. My local garage are perfectly happy to test the Stanley and do a very thorough job. I am glad to get a second pair of eyes looking over it in case I have missed something. They insist that it should be fired up and running when presented. I make sure that the boiler pressure is down to 300psi and turn off the pilot and the mechanic understands the risk which is confined to that of putting his hand on something hot. Nothing drips on him!

I can't agree with your comment about poor maintenance of vintage cars - obviously there are a few delinquents but I would say that most of us who run these things look after them and in many cases know the condition of every nut and bolt.

The MOT is chore but as you said its is a small price to pay for being clearly legal.


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