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Unaflow Engines
Posted by: Brian McMorran (
Date: January 27, 2009 04:17AM

Hi Folks

On the SACA forum Ken Helmick posted the late Ted Pritchard's last patent. It shows a piston valved uniflow with exhaust function also available on the piston valve for compression control.
Back in 1920 Stumpf had a similar idea for the 5"x4" Unaflow automobile engine. Similar in outward appearance to the Doble uniflow, there are a number of detail differences.


Now folk are reading the forums, though maybe for the wrong reason, I would just like to remind them I have a number of original Pearson Cox and Stumpf Unaflow blueprints. Also, if the SACA article is correct, the sole surviving Pearson Cox 15 drivers manual.

Attachments: Stumpf.bmp (217kB)  
Re: Unaflow Engines
Posted by: Brian McMorran (92.19.96.---)
Date: February 4, 2009 05:04AM

Hello again

Don't want to make this list my private diary but just in case there are some shy readers out there actually interested in things other than Stanley.
A discussion about powertrains led me to post a British angle on the subject.

In Motor magazine Dec. 4th 1965, Alec Issigonis presented his concept of a steam car with torque convertor.His private car was a Mini with a large IC engine, torque convertor and no gearbox. Relied on the torque from the oversized engine rather than the complexity of the automatic transmission. The article describes a uniflow concept with torque convertor.
Once I get access to the secret blueprints of the Issigonis steam projects I will put together an article.


Attachments: steamarticle001.jpg (229kB)   steamarticle002.jpg (224kB)   steamarticle003.jpg (209kB)   steamarticle004.jpg (243kB)  

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