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Day- Land engine
Posted by: (
Date: February 11, 2009 03:02PM

I am building a Day-Land engine. The set of drawings I have has a small section missed off when they were copied. The missing part is on the right hand edge of sheet 5 where it gives notes on CV model details. Is the CV engine built with the crankshaft Keyways at 180 degrees and not at 90 degrees as in the standard version?
Also, can anyone advise on the type of welding rods needed for welding the fabricated ductile steel cranks? If anyone has experience with this engine, can you drop me a line so's we can have a chat.

Re: Day- Land engine
Posted by: Brian McMorran (92.23.203.---)
Date: February 13, 2009 05:36PM

Hello Bian

John Liming describes building a Locomobile replica Surrey No.6 in the Model Engineer 1995 Vol. 174 Nos. 3984,3986,3988 and 3990.
He built a Dayland SA and there is a brief description of it and a postscript on problems. He converted it later from leaking Clarkson doughnut valves to normal D type, this required turning the cams 180deg. He would be the man to talk to.

If you need a drawing I know a some one in USA who might scan the corner of his set. Let me know.

Are the CV and SA different drawing sets? New SA sets are available now for $30 at []

John Britton posted the following on the SACA forum;

Errol Cramer of Errol Steam Works has the patterns and drawings for the Day-Land project. Errol also has castings for the Day Land, when I last contacted Errol he was not sure if he had all of the castings for the engine with Fink valve gear, as it requires a different set of top end castings. Errol can be reached at


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