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Re: Report of the EGM of May 7th at Stamford
Posted by: (
Date: May 17, 2009 11:48PM

I have been in the retail sales for about 45 years and I have been through the court process many, many times, and I have yet to ever make a full recovery of my losses plus attorney fees. In this case, the defendants can back up many of their expenses. Some of their expenses may just be bogus, but just try and prove it. Then when the award is finally made to the plaintiffs, usually the defendants are not solvent enough to make good the judgement. In this particular case, too many hands have been in the cookie jar from the get go, so a judgement that is fair for everyone is impossible to make. I am looking from the angle of the plaintiffs on "just how much time are we willing to spend chasing the defendants for our losses?" I personally know that almost everyone is getting tired of this whole mess and they would like to see the end of it come quickly. People that live stressful lives, usually die early from the added stress. Just one our members passing-on early from this added stress of "trying to collect the missing $10,000" is not worth it. Quickly finish up this mess and let us move on.

Re: Report of the EGM of May 7th at Stamford
Posted by: (81.168.70.---)
Date: May 18, 2009 06:49AM

Sorry guys,

I haven't been paying attention to this forum over the last few days.

Following the EGM I have been in touch with Gareth by email, and the exchanges have been very straightforward & civilised. Progress has probably been a little slow, because we've all felt the need to count to 10 & take a bit of a break.

Gareth & I have been discussing a way we can support each other to achieve an orderly handover of records & physical assets without the intrusion of emotion or dissent. Gareth has asked me for a letter from our solicitor, who attended the EGM, to confirm our claims that Barry & I have authority to act. In the absence of signed off minutes, that seems reasonable. That letter has gone to Gareth, but he's out of contact for a few more days. I expect to be circulating minutes to EGM attendees shortly, to get them signed off. Then we should be able to make them available to all members.

I believe we will have control of the bank account, the records, and the physical assets shortly & it won't take too long to account for every financial transaction from 31st October 2008 to the present.

I support what Pat has just said. I believe it won't be long before Barry & I have a grasp of what has happened. Then we'll have to take decisions in the best interests our members, and move on. We really don't want to prolong this any more than is absolutely necessary.

Kind regards

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