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Likamobile Project?
Posted by: Alex Ollett (
Date: October 6, 2005 12:33PM

Hi Folks

Further to the comments about the MOT possibly required for replicas, Is there anyone on here whos either building the Modelworks likamobile or contemplating building one (like myself!). I am currently building 4 inch Modelworks Burrell which I have the odd issue with (no boiler as yet! 7 months wait) So want to wrap this one up before commencing on another M/works project.

Be nice if someones building one, if they can advise what the qualitys like, and if their happy with it, I have asked Modelworks about the MOT and SVA issues mentioned on the other post, however no replies about those issues yet.


Re: Likamobile Project?
Posted by: Brian McMorran (
Date: October 7, 2005 11:48AM

Hello Alex

Try these links from the other side of the water.


I have heard various comments, but on ballance, at least Modelworks are doing something to promote and make available steam cars at an affordable price.

The basis for their replica provided my one and only experience in a steam car. A short journey with Eric Hughes and 'Freddy' converting me to steam, however I don't know whether to thank or curse him.


Re: Likamobile Project?
Posted by: Alex Ollett (
Date: October 7, 2005 12:23PM

Thanks for the details, Brian I shall keep my eye on those sites, I agree that Modelworks are putting out an affordable product, I have a friend locally with a Stanley steamer, which is great fun but I certainly could not afford the real deal.

The Modelworks option is the one I can afford and think its based along the same lines as "Freddy". Shall wait to hear what M/works say about the MOT before I commit, I'm hoping we have some UK builders who can help or comment about the SVA or MOT situation, as I want something "road legal" & more than just a lug to the rally and drive around effort.

Good Steaming

Re: Likamobile Project?
Posted by: m christie (
Date: October 17, 2005 03:14PM


There seem to be three possible avenues for getting road legal and a workable MOT. I havnt tested any of these myself but I know or have read about those who have.

1 Obtain and incorporate an original (documented) vintage car part. Or even a locomobile part (there seem to be a few around) and get it registered as a rebuild.

2 Get it registered as an agricultural vehicle (Maybe a quad bike?) as do the owners of road legal scale traction engines etc.

3 Get it registered as a disabled person vehicle-which it closely resembles. You might need to find a disabled person to assist. You might even have to present electric drive initially, then go for a fuel change. This would be very easy given chain drive plus C5, invalid carriage or lawn mower motor etc

In all the above cases the MOT becomes routine.

Austin 7, Fergie T20 and 5 inch gauge Alice class owner.

Thank God for the House of Lords.


Re: Likamobile Project?
Posted by: Simon Cast (
Date: February 16, 2006 06:35AM

Hi Alex

Hope the Burrell boiler issues have been resolved. If you are interested in finding out about the quality of the Modelworks Likamobile why not click onto Rick Stoebers website of his Likamobile build in America? His website address is

Click on the logo and go to Likamobile build project. He takes photos each month when he gets the kits and describes how the kit is going together and any difficulties he is experiencing. Just Like Julia's website, the site she did so well during her Burrell build.


Re: Likamobile Project?
Posted by: Jeff Theobald (Moderator)
Date: February 16, 2006 02:41PM

Hi All,
You will also find Rick Stoeber's reports on our web site, there is a link from the front page. []

regards, Jeff.

Edited 3 times. Last edit at 02/16/06 07:45PM by Jeff Theobald.

Re: Likamobile Project?
Posted by: Alex Ollett (
Date: February 18, 2006 12:26PM

Hi Folks,

Burrell should be built and in steam for April, So I am happy, as building from castings would have taken me and dad 10 years...we don't rush things!

Will investigate the Likamobile as a next project, better make a decision soon before Modelworks announce their out of stock!


Re: Likamobile Project?
Posted by: Mike Clark (
Date: May 11, 2007 06:36PM

I had the opportunity today to inspect and ride on the prototype Modelworks Likamobile at the Harrogate Model Engineering Show.

It is very user friendly with a Derr boiler for quick fire-up (4 minutes claimed) and a modern pressure burner which is very quiet. The engine has a nice sharp exhaust note. Instruments are confined to a pressure gauge and a panel of indicator lights showing water level etc, which to a Stanley driver seemed a bit sparse. It even has an ignition key. The foot throttle works fine and I suppose being self closing is a useful safety feature. The car seemed to ride and steer perfectly well and the chassis feels rigid. Of course with four wheel disc brakes it can certainly stop. As it is a bit less than Locomobile size the crew need to be a bit slim.

So far this is the only one running but now that Modelworks have got their own certified welder they are able to build their own boilers and it won't be long before others are in action. They are quite well into sales of the 50 projected kits.


Edited 2 times. Last edit at 05/11/07 06:41PM by Mike Clark.

Re: Likamobile Project?
Posted by: (
Date: May 14, 2007 12:45PM

I am one of the US builders of the ModelWorks Likamobile. I have been very impressed with the machining and the engineering so far. Everything they have sent has been top notch. I am two kits away from finishing the car. In the US, itís not as hard to get these ďkitsĒ licensed. I already have a title and a registration. I have to tell you that this kit is built to a higher standard than the original. OK, original owners can now cringe at my blasphemy. Sorry but itís probably true. Modelworks is great with metal. Anything that could have been made of metal, has been made of metal. The only items that are wood are the outside ďbodyĒ panels and the seat frame. The body panels are attached to a metal frame. You could theoretically drive this car without any body panels.

All this being said, MW has created a great platform for this replica but they didnít give it the character that the original car has. It is up to the builder to add the details that make a Locomobile look like a Locomobile. Rick Stoeber ( has been working on the little details that will make the MW Likamobile look more like a real Locomobile: such as the outside sight gauge, the exhaust flue, the side louvers, etc.

When I have completed this car, I plan on using it as often as possible to drive the two miles from my house to my office in my little town in Southern California. Whatís nice about this kit is that each of the parts are numbered so if at some point in the future I need to replace something, I just send Modelworks and email, tell them the part and I can get a replacement. I have a 1910 Hupmobile and I wish part replacement was that easy.

I have been told by the Modelworks folks that some of the boilers have been built and have been tested and they are putting together the other parts that will make up the last two kits (at least for US deliveries).

Iíve been painting, polishing, plating and powder coating all of the appropriate parts as Iíve been assembling so I am hoping that all I will need to do is drop in the boiler and connect up the multitude of water, steam, fuel and electrical lines and I should be steaming in no time.

When I started this steam fascination, I wanted an original car. Now that Iím almost done, Iím glad I didnít purchase an original car because: 1. this car will be less expensive. 2. It will start faster. 3. It will stop and 4. It will be easy to repair. For someone who drives their classic cars, this is the way to go in my opinion.

Re: Likamobile Project?
Posted by: cryoservices (
Date: June 3, 2008 12:13PM

Now modelworks have gone broke I am looking for a set of wheels for my Likamobile an
does anyone have a abandoned project or know the size and who make them please.

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