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Those 735's
Posted by: Ian Vinton (
Date: November 2, 2005 04:55PM

There are several steps between the various versions of the 735 one is changing from the V condensor cover to the flat one which happened from what car onwards ?
The other, the one I am interested in, is the change in the pilot fuel tank location. At some serial number of the 735 the pilot tank was relocated to the combined tank at the rear of the car, it was replaced from under the front seats with an air reservoir tank. From what car, serial number, did this change happen ?
Does anybody know of a car that had a flat condensor in Brass, like the V nose cars ??

Re: Those 735's
Posted by: Jeff Theobald (Moderator)
Date: November 8, 2005 06:57AM

Hi Ian,
My 1919 735B chassis number 19250 has the pilot tank within the main fuel tank, with the air reservoir tank under the front seat, it is also fitted with the twin balance tanks in the main fuel system, flat condenser fitted with a steel painted flat shrould, Jeff.

Re: Those 735's
Posted by: Arnoud Carp (
Date: January 21, 2006 06:01AM

Hello Ian,
I think the change in the puilot tank location must have taken place sometime in 1918. I have seen only one 735 with the separate tank under the driver seat, this is the Martin Werbeck car serial #18033 has it. The 1918 handbook still uses some early pictures of the airvalves on the scuttle from before the car was fitted with a separate airtank. The body of my car is a 1918 body where the holes vor the airvalve were crudely cut under the driver seat so this body came from a car that had the airvalves up front. Also in my car the alocation of the airgauge is in the dashboard and not under the seat. This Werbeck car also had the Apelco generator that is driven of the back side of the crownwheel and not from the topside like the later Remy generators. I wonder wether the generator position has anything to do with the type (size) of the tank. Also the tank filler neck we all know was not yet fitted to the Werbeck car. Another interesting difference of the Werbeck car is that the waistline is about one inch higher than on other cars. The waistline continues back grom the windshield without the curved drop you see on all other tourers. I believe the barn find 735 from Philadelphia that was advertised in sept also had the higher waistline.

On the brass condenser surround I can only guess: maybe the nickelplated condensers used a brass basis. Check on Bil Lowe's car He has an early 1922 735B with a flaty nickelplated shroud. On condensers I have come across two different core heights; I have a spare core that is about four inches shorter than the core I have in the car.
Arnoud Carp

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