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How many steam cars are there
Posted by: Ian Vinton (
Date: December 7, 2005 04:26PM

Just curious but is it not time we, as a club, generated a register of the cars in the UK along a similar lines as the Traction Engine register.

It would list the car maker, model, the year, number of seats, Engine size and location (as in which County) but not the owners name or contact details.

Has this ever been tried with steam cars ?

Maybe they should form part of the National register !

Any thoughts ?

Re: How many steam cars are there
Posted by: Jeff Theobald (Moderator)
Date: December 7, 2005 06:55PM

Hi Ian,
The list already exists, as the archivist for the club I have already put a list together of all the know owners of steam cars, (about 120) what make they are, year etc.
We (The Steam Car Club) have asked club members to send details of the cars they own, but not many responded, so it has been a case of when I hear of information, I enter it in the archive.
When I get time, I have in mind to create a web page with the information listed as you describe, all the best, Jeff.

Re: How many steam cars are there
Posted by: (
Date: December 7, 2005 07:40PM

I run a web site for a rare car called the 1967 Ghia 450ss.


Of the original 60 cars made, the owners have found about 21 remaining cars and increasing. In the files section of a typical Yahoo Group web site, you have the ability of creating directories for each of the cars. Each car directory contains a simple Word document form that details the particulars about each car, unique features and its present location but not the owner’s name. In each of the directories we also allow the owners to upload pictures of their car. As the moderator of the web site, I keep a private directory of the owner’s names, addresses, phone numbers etc.

To access this section of the site, you unfortunately will have to register.

Over the last twelve months we have gone from three cars to the present twenty-one.

This type of system could easily support a few hundred cars. Unlike my Ghia registry which has a flat directory (cars 4001 to cars 4060), a steam directory could be developed with a simple nested directory structure: Year (189? Through 192?) – Manufacture (Locomobile, Stanley, White, Brooks, Doble, Misc.) – Serial Number. Making the owners participate in the population of the registry has made it really easy for me as the moderator.


Re: How many steam cars are there
Posted by: bryan Richmond-Dodd (
Date: January 8, 2006 05:49AM

A good idea would be to include a section on the annual subscription form to add/delete cars currently owned or are being restored.

If this list was published annually it would greatly aid the exchange of information between owners of the more rare manufacturers.

I would be quite happy to administer the list if there is a general view that it is a good idea (UK only)


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