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Re: Steam car insurance WARNING
Posted by: SUPER7591 (
Date: May 23, 2011 01:06PM

I rang Hegerty's this afternoon and had quite a long and interesting conversation with a gentleman called Phil, it was a pleasure to talk to someone directly and who know the type of cover I would be looking for. A firm quotation was given over the telephone which was quickly followed up via e-mail within 10 minutes.
I have been insured with Footman James for many years with the Sentinel and covered the Stanley with them last year, Hegerty's quotation is 55% less than if I renewed my Footman James policy! The cover also includes 24/7 breakdown cover which would bring you home even with a puncture and if the car were to be written off,you get return of the salvage. (highly recomended, thanks to the steam car club) Harold Bell

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Re: Steam car insurance WARNING
Posted by: Mike L Clark (
Date: April 20, 2013 04:03PM

Harold I switched to Hagerty after Aon took over Footman James and handed them all their vintage and classic car business. Footman James lost my boiler cert and also insisted that the Stanley be dealt with by their steam or commercial department and could not be on the same policy as my vintage car. Hagerty (and it was Phil) who dealt with me were really on the ball so got and keep my business. They were the only insurer prepared to cover a car which I bought in Berlin and had to trailer home, doing this on the chassis number rather than the UK registration which was in suspension at the time as the car was registered in Germany. Very keen company. I like the way that the person who answers the phone is the person who deals with your business - no menus and no jobsworths.


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Re: Steam car insurance WARNING
Posted by: Nick Howell (2.29.113.---)
Date: August 22, 2013 10:59AM

Mike I will endorse Hagerty's as well, I have been with them for a couple of years now with the Toledo. And when Great Dorset Steam Fair required special cover for steam cars and Public Liability Phil got it sorted out in two days. The cover was also good enough, with my boiler certificate, to get my NTET disc, which many rallies require.

Re: Steam car insurance WARNING
Posted by: Rog White (
Date: July 25, 2014 10:09AM

I would give Wlaker Midgeley full marks - but no one seems to be able to invoke a boiler inspector for flash coils. Any clues anyone please?

Rog White

Re: Steam car insurance WARNING
Posted by: barry herbert (Moderator)
Date: August 12, 2014 07:08AM

You do not need a boiler inspector for a steam generator

Re: Steam car insurance WARNING
Posted by: Rog White (
Date: August 12, 2014 09:35AM

Thanks Barry
You must have explored this as well as anyone.

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