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Forum HINTS and TIPS
Posted by: alpinemauve (Moderator)
Date: March 7, 2011 06:32AM


The Steam Car Club of Great Britain welcomes all those to the forum with an interest in steam, vintage vehicles or simply nostalgia. Whether you are a new or prospective owner of a vehicle and require advice - or a seasoned enthusiast; you'll find the forum easy to use, full of fascinating facts posted by similar-minded people.

Joining is simple - fill in your details, a relevant username and the system will add you to our forum members list.
However, to stop the recent increase of Spam on the forum, we now manually approve all new members prior to their first posting. So to help us, help you - SEND US AN EMAIL stating your Username and a brief reason to join to and this will help speed up the process.

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Re: Forum HINTS and TIPS
Posted by: alpinemauve (Moderator)
Date: May 31, 2011 10:18AM

ADDING LINKS from the Forum

To add a link from this forum the following bit of googledegook code helps with a text link and by showing a new page with the new link on it.

1. I want to add a link:
Copy and paste this code:

A Really Good Website

a href="" target="_blank">A Really Good Website</a
The code just need a < at the start and > at the end - I've had to show it like this otherwise the code will not show - but only the words 'A Really Good Website'

or 2. perhaps a Youtube Video you have posted:
You would use this code:
My Great Video

Heres the code displaying
a href="" target="_blank">My Great Video</a
The code just need a < at the start and > at the end

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Re: Forum HINTS and TIPS
Posted by: alpinemauve (Moderator)
Date: November 9, 2015 09:15AM

A common question is how to include an image into your post - by clicking on the 'attach' button below you can add an image to your post however, any viewer would need to click on the link that is generated in your new post to view the image.

If you have your image stored online via another site you can display the image with the post by using this code:

Stanley for sale

This displays the following image:
Stanley for sale

The photo is 'stored' on the SCCGB site, as indicated by the the address in the 'img src (image source) section of the code - the alt part="Tells Google what the picture is so other people can find it" and the width is set to 100% so it fits the forum well however if your image is small you can add the actual pixel size of you image (100px) or knock down the percentage size the image will display at. (50%)

From Don Hokes site here's an example:

So to introduce the image to the Steam Car Forum here's the code:
Stanley for sale

Will display this image:
Stanley for sale

Finally the 'actual code' is a picture too - because if I add it in instead of showing the code (to show an example of the code) it will simply display the image.
The version below you can copy and paste but in order for it to work you would need to add the < at the front and > at the end.
img src="" alt="Stanley for sale" width="100%"/

SCCGB Website Designer

Re: Forum HINTS and TIPS
Posted by: Dave Richardson (
Date: September 2, 2016 05:47AM

New member test post

Re: Forum HINTS and TIPS
Posted by: roel rasker (
Date: October 5, 2016 03:35AM

New Member test post

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