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Dakar a challenge.
Posted by: KDI (193.82.16.---)
Date: January 12, 2005 08:32AM

I have been reading a few items on steam cars, there seam to be a lot of intrest, but not a lot of ation. I have also been whacting the Dakar 2005 on ty(British Eurosport). A race across north Africa for trucks, motorbike, and cars! Some stages 500 to 700 km long + non racing section of 2 to 300km.
What has this todo with steam cars? Could a steam power car finish a 500km stage over the sand and roughest ground in north affrica. Could one trave the total race distance of about 3000km.
Is anyone ready to try? Will 2006 see a steam car or truck on the dakar.
I am i the only person who think this a good test, for a moden steam car.

Re: Dakar a challenge.
Posted by: KDI (193.82.16.---)
Date: January 19, 2005 07:45AM

I see my last posting has yet to be read by many of you. I have read a few many bits of imformation on steam cars and trucks. I understand now how hard it would be to just tavel the distances need. As no one has tried something like this (or have they and i just do not know of it).
I have also throught about the problem of desing a steam engine for a car that spend most of it's time trying to fall to bits, just think what a little leek could do, clearly a very clear person is needed. Yes the basic car bits needed are out there, but not the parts for it engine.
I know icould not desing a truck or car able to do this, but could one of you?!
If i could find the funding for a steam challeng rally raid car, is any one able to design one! How much money would it take.

Re: Dakar a challenge.
Posted by: Arnold Walker (
Date: January 22, 2005 03:06PM

It's been about 100 years since White ran in endurance races that long in Europe and North/South America.And I believe Asia....the roads were virtually non-existant. To the point of wondering how they could call them roads races.

Re: Dakar a challenge.
Posted by: Mike Clark (
Date: January 23, 2005 07:16PM

Pretty hard to respond to this one - which is why you’ve had no replies!

There are any number of people theorising about modern steam cars but few actually constructing anything so the chance of a practical car being devised to run the Dakar Race is absolutely nil.

Although steam seems so simple, it needs a huge jump in technology to make a steam car which can get anywhere near to the capability of present IC engined vehicles in terms of economy, power and emissions - not to mention satisfying the enormous burden of regulations kindly provided by our leaders.

The real challenge would be to make a steam car which is practical and suitable for daily use by “Joe Public” - who wants to switch on and go and neglect it until the next service is due. My son runs a company car which is changed every 9 months or 10.000 miles - he takes it as a challenge to drive that distance without opening the bonnet and usually succeeds - that is a fantastic technical achievement derived from 100 years of engineering development.

Those of us who fool around with antique steam cars are having fun but we all recognise that this is just a hobby. Steamers are only for the enthusiast ---- come to think of it they always were.


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