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Stanley main fuel jet sizes
Posted by: (
Date: May 1, 2011 04:29PM

With the changing of the road elevations, and with using different blends of fuel, changing out the main fuel jets for best performance becomes necessary. Higher elevations require smaller main fuel jets. Using heavier fuels such as kerosene over gasoline requires larger main fuel jet sizes. With five Stanleys with tool boxes to keep sorted out, I would always find that when I wanted to change out main burner jets, the extra jets were always left in the wrong Stanley. Today I made enough jet holding boards to hold the jets for the different Stanleys. I didn't have a #62 drill bit, so I didn't get around to those jets getting drilled out, so I just plugged the empty jet board holes with cap screws. How to use the jet board is to pull the jets out of the jet board and put them into the car. That leaves two blank holes so that you can remember what the size jet the car is presently running. When you want to change the jets out, replace them in the jet board and pull out the next size that you want to use.
The Stanley Factory issued the following recommendation for jet sizes:
Model Main Pilot
60 66 64
607 64 64
70 62 64
730 58 64
735 58 64

In August of 2010, Jeff Theobald wrote this about his model 85: "As you know we use our car nearly every week, it gets about 12 mpg on fuel using 140psi and 62 jets, I have run 54 jets, fuel goes down to 8 to 10mpg, but I find this unnecessary, I prefer the lighter firing, when everything is right she will maintain 50 on a good road, and has been known to top 60 if the road is favorable, but I don't normally travel much over 40."

When we bought our 1914 Stanley 606, it came with 60 main jets installed, which I switched out to 58 main fuel jets. Our model 85 and our Mountain Wagon model 826 have been using the #54 jets but I am downsizing them to 58 jets to see if they burn any cleaner.

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