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Block upside down
Posted by: Mike L Clark (
Date: November 10, 2011 04:38PM

Having read the comments on the SACA Forum on the engine of the Stanley "Rocket" whose engine was mounted upside down with the exhaust facing the ground I had a revelation which said that my next (Stanley engined) project which is very low slung, would be improved if I simply inverted the block, leaving the hookup lever at the top but putting the exhaust and the steam inlet below. This would remove the hot bits from proximity to my backside and greatly improve the run of the steam exhaust and other aspects.

I would have to put a cylinder drain connection to the valve chest towards the back of the (now) floor of the chest, behind the steam inlet, and plug the opening in the dished cover which will be at the top.

Can anybody think of a reason not do do this? One would have to be cautious when starting from cold as the bottom of the steam chest will no longer be dished down to collect water but as the car will have a free engine neutral position warming up will be easy as it will tick over as soon as any steam is raised.


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