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Re: Special Resolution.
Posted by: Mike L Clark (
Date: December 31, 2011 05:42AM

Thanks Barry that explains it all. I assume then that those of us who remain members of the Ltd Company (and those who were members remain so unless they have written a letter of resignation) should just ignore Greg's letter.


Re: Special Resolution.
Posted by: barry herbert (Moderator)
Date: December 31, 2011 07:12AM


Referring to Basil's previous post the committee wants members not to send it and let the committee deal with it.


Re: Special Resolution.
Posted by: barry herbert (Moderator)
Date: January 23, 2012 10:16AM

Following on from my message above of the 30th December, ALL members of the old LIMITED company, (The Steam Car Club of Great Britain LIMITED), will be receiving this week an EGM voting form. This follows the receipt in writing of more than 10% of the LIMITED club membership calling for an EGM to be held.

The EGM will take place on the 20th February at my home address and proxy voting will be allowed for those who cannot/do not want to attend.. The purpose of the EGM is to appoint three directors:- Myself, Mike Mutters and Mike Clark, and to register the company at Companies House as a dormant company.

Also there is a resolution that all memberships of this company, excepting the memberships of the above three directors, be terminated forthwith.

The effect of all this will to close the matter once and for all, and is an attempt to stop the misleading and at times nasty mail being sent out by individuals claiming to represent the company. The use of the old mailing lists, by these individuals, will be against the Data Protection Act regulations and attract hefty fines.

If you receive a voting form please fill it in, STRAIGHT AWAY, and return in the s.a.e. (UK members) or e-mail it to me at if you are outside the U.K.



Re: Special Resolution.
Posted by: (Moderator)
Date: February 21, 2012 03:28PM

What a great result at the EGM. It shows that the EGM was necessary and well supported.

Thanks Barry.


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