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gurney steam engine
Posted by: (
Date: January 19, 2012 07:32AM

Dear steam lovers,

I got to your website via a posting I made on a different forum. I am curator at the museum of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. My question is linked to a story on your website, about the remainders of a Gurney steam propelled car. To make live easier for me, I have copied my original question:
In 2014 the University of Groningen will celebrate it's 400th birthday. The themes of this celebration are (amongst others) technology and sustainable energy.
One of the main attractions will be a special exhibit produced by the University Museum, in whose collection the so called "Wagentje van Stratingh" is an important artefact, known to many of you.(see: []) Less known is that Stratingh came to the idea of an electric carriage after experimenting with a steam-powered vehicle. Nothing of this (then famous) carriage remains. All that is known is that it was powered by a steam engine like the type used by Gurney in the 1830's.
On of the ideas of the museum is to construct a replica of this carriage. First thing is to try and gather as much information as possible to investigate the problems which can (and certainly will arise) with such a project.
My question to you is if you have any documentation, drawings, plans, "spec-sheets" (certainly not called like this then) or maybe even models or parts of (gurney) steamengines from around the 1830's. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The story about the original chassis mentioned ideas to make a reconstruction. Have these been worked out yet?
I realise this is an ambitious project and can use any info about early 19th century steamengines. It's certainly not my idea to tread on anyone's toes and steal plans!
I'm looking forward for your reactions.

With kind regards,
Jan Waling Huisman,
curator scientific instruments, UniversityMuseumGroningen, the Netherlands

Re: gurney steam engine
Posted by: (
Date: January 19, 2012 11:04AM

Dear Jan

There is a lot of information out there, I think the best sources are the engine and frame of a Gurney steam drag in the Riverside Museum at Glasgow, plus the publications mentioned in the article by Dr West you have referred to.

Tom Brogden from Macclesfield has built a replica Hancock and a replica Trevithick steam carriage, so you may be able to get in touch with them via this forum.

Peter Turvey
Curator, Science Museum (Wroughton Large Object Store)

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