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August -September 2012
Posted by: (
Date: April 6, 2012 07:44AM

Greeting fellow steam club members,

50 years ago, my mother unleashed me upon the world and to celebrate this milestone, myself and a mate are intending to attend the Dorset Steam Festival. Arriving a week before as the Kew Steam engine will be run on the 27th, and afterwards intending to see the HMS Great Britain and the Black country museum.
What I am chasing are recommendations from members and fellow steam nuts for other activities that we may be able to fit in during our trip to UK.


Re: August -September 2012
Posted by: Donald Cook (
Date: April 6, 2012 05:07PM


Depending on the date that you intend to arrive in the UK I can highly recommend the “Teesdale Tour” in County Durham (North East of England) on 19th – 24th August, see the events page for full details. There’s still plenty of accommodation available (at the moment) and you don’t have to bring your steam car to join in the fun.


Re: August -September 2012
Posted by: (
Date: April 6, 2012 07:39PM

Thanks Don, unfortunately I am working till the 24 th, leaving then to be in London for the 27 th.
I guess I will catch up with some SCCofGB members at Dorset, and maybe later as we head Bristolly way then Birminghamish.


Re: August -September 2012
Posted by: (Moderator)
Date: April 9, 2012 04:34PM

Whilst you are in bristol, try and make time to visit 'M shed';


I haven't yet been myself but as it is very close to the Great Britain it may be worth a look.

On your way from London you could visit Didcot ( and/or 'Steam' at Swindon (

Of course, there are many other preserved steam railways etc in the vicinity - probably more to choose from than you will have time for! Have a look at the HRA website (

I know you say you are going to Kew but if you are really into pumping engines then Kempton Park is a must (

finally - for something different (if you are interested in 'all things mechanical') you could try the musical museum whilst you are Kew(

I could go on but hopefully these may give some suggestions.

What days are you at Dorset? I will be there on Wednesday evening and all day Thursday.


Re: August -September 2012
Posted by: (
Date: April 10, 2012 11:14PM

Thanks for the suggestions Colin, we will be at Dorset on Saturday & Sunday, so it looks like we will miss you. Never mind we will hopefully catch up at some time.

Re: August -September 2012
Posted by: (
Date: April 11, 2012 06:18AM

You could alto try to take in Crofton Beam Engines on your way to Dorset/Bristol - its not far from Swindon. Engines only run on selected weekends but site may be open as a static exhibit - see for opening times

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