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DRAG RACE your steam car!
Posted by: (
Date: April 26, 2006 07:19PM

Hi all

My name is Paul Venners and I am resident commentator at Santa Pod, Europes premier Drag Strip. I know this may seem like a very odd offer/ request but please bear with me.... winking smiley

I grew up with a family who restores WWII military british vehicles, and so was introduced to steam at a very early age via county shows and the like. 'steam rollers' didn't really do it for me- I was captivated by Sentinals. Every year at Great Dorset I make a bee line for the arena when the steam cars are showing. I guess I must have seen a few of you going round.

I met a chap locally recently (Wantage Oxon) at an MOT station and if I remember rightly he has a couple of Stanleys. Whilst talking to him I mentioned seeing a steam race car at goodward back in 1998, and asked if he would like to race/ drive/ pootle up the 1/4 mile. He declined- but said there were others who might be up for it!

I forgot about it untill I stumbled onto this site whilst researching super heated steam rockets (I am building one to fit into a retro streamliner dragster I am building).......

So there you go. If any of you would be interested either individually or better still as a group perhaps you would be kind enough to contact me by telephone or email. My number is 07760 443923, anytime up to 9pm UK time. You can find out more about the venue at and the sport itself at

PLEASE don't contact the venue direct though, this is feasability study stage. They will just be very confused up untill the point my name gets mentioned then the response will be 'oh no, whats he got up his sleeve this time?!' smiling smiley I have been instrumental in many wierd vehicles putting in a run up the drag strip including a JET powered 'go-ped' and radio controlled car (!) and an experimental rockit powered machine which used mains water pipe as a fuel.......

There would be absolutely no costs involved (entry to event, track sign on and a reasonable number of guests). You would get MSA/FIA recognised timing tickets with time and speed increments for 60', 330', 1/8th mile, 990' and of course the all important 1/4 mile!

I really hope some of you would like to come along. There are numerous events throughout the year, but at this stage it would be far to complicated to run at either a national or international race event so check out the specialist days/ weekends on the 'calander' section.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this unusual post,

Re: DRAG RACE your steam car!
Posted by: Jeff Theobald (Moderator)
Date: April 30, 2006 06:50PM

Hi Paul,
I am surprised you have not had any takers yet; I would think Gerry Stoneman would be the man to take on the challenge, Jeff.

Re: DRAG RACE your steam car!
Posted by: Mike Clark (
Date: May 2, 2006 06:23PM


Will the event be under MSA rules and if so is any form of Competition Licence needed and what kit is to be worn, helmet etc?

I think it might be best to do it on a very quiet day for a try out before any public viewing.

Mike Clark

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