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Steam Car agents
Posted by: Donald Cook (
Date: December 29, 2012 04:37PM

Being a Stanley owner in the North East of England I was interested to learn of W. Galloway & Co. Gateshead-upon-Tyne. They had the agency for Stanleys for the whole of the British Isles from 1903 to 1918 by which time they where finding it very difficult to sell steam cars so the agency was relinquished. From 1911 they also had their own bodies built and these are now known as English bodied Stanley’s of which I believe there are only two left. See the article by George Hounslow in the October 2012 Steam Car magazine about one of them.

There was an excellent article in the Veteran & Vintage magazine for November 1963 but other than this I can find very little about Galloway’s.

Do you know who the agents were in Britain for other makes of steam cars?


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Re: Steam Car agents
Posted by: Old timer (86.112.62.---)
Date: December 29, 2012 05:11PM

Hi Don,
Stanley's also had another U.K agent, F.Wilkinson of Manchester. Fred Marriot came over with a model H in summer 1906. He took part in a few events along with other Stanleys from Wilkinson's dealership so as to show the power of steam. Despite a handicap, the model H had a lead of 40 seconds over the following car, a I.C Darracq. Whites also had a U.K dealership, the cars were imported to this country as chassis and bodied by Cann and Co. Camden Town N.W. They were then sold by U.K agent, Fredrick Coleman, London. The Locomobile also had a U.K agent, called the Locomobile company of America, 52 sussex place, South Kensington, but the first Locomobile imported to the U.K in 1899 was by H.J Mulliner of bodywork fame! He started imported De Dion Boutons and putting custom built bodies on them, but these were probably I.C. Gardner-Serpollet, I believe, had english agent, ran by Frank Gardner the English chairman of the company, but I'm not entirely sure. There are four English bodied Stanley's left, the one in my article owned by the Scarborough Fairground collection, Bill Hunter's 1912 roadster, Richard Granger's 1911 model 63 and Karl Heinz-Rehkopf's 1911 model 63. George.

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Re: Steam Car agents
Posted by: (
Date: December 30, 2012 05:36PM

The 1904 Stanley CX no.1017 had a Wilkinsons dealer plate on it when I looked it over back in 2000. Its listed in the old register as owned by Mr MIchael Parr.

Re: Steam Car agents
Posted by: Old timer (86.112.62.---)
Date: December 31, 2012 02:42PM

Hi all,
Here's some more info. In 1903 a Stanley Motor Carriage Co. agency was started by Joesph Cockshoot and co. of Manchester. They showed the new models at tha years London's Royal Agricultural Hall in February. Galloways of Gateshead fitted some extras on the cars which wasn't adopted by Stanleys until much later, including a hook-up device, the burner feed tubes at the base of the burner (obviously one of the early Locomobile style burners, I Suppose) were strengthened. A kerosene burner was also an option which didn't come onto standard cars until 1914 (All Stanley's ran on straight petrol until then, for both the pilot and main burner). They also made/ had made spare parts for Stanleys locally. A english bodied stanley 735 sedan was offered by F.L Trethewey of Holmstead Place, Cuckfield, Sussex in 1920, although no more was heard about it. The body was built by Rolls-Royce and bentley Coachbuilder of London, Thrupp and Maberley. In 1925, the Steam Vechile Corporation of Great Britain of Radford Fields, Coventry offered the Stanley SV until 1926, although due to the company only making about 50-60 cars, it doubtfull that many reached Britain. This information was gathered from Kit Fosters "The Stanley Steamer America's Legendary Steam Car". The 1904 Stanley CX mentioned by Peter Turvey is now owned by a Mr P and A Wood of Essex. George.

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Re: Steam Car agents
Posted by: Mike L Clark (
Date: January 1, 2013 04:47PM

Old timer Wrote:
Gardner-Serpollet, I believe,
> had english agent, ran by Frank Gardner the
> English chairman of the company, but I'm not
> entirely sure.

George the Gardner-Serpollet works was in York - just off the Hull road. I believe the UK Company went bankrupt so whether or not any cars were made or assembled there I don't know. I researched the site a while ago and the building no longer exists.


Re: Steam Car agents
Posted by: Donald Cook (
Date: January 2, 2013 10:08AM

In addition to the modifications stated by George (hook-up etc.) Galloway's also claimed to be the first to fit a superheater to a Stanley.

Galloway's opened a showroom in London in 1912 but closed it in 1916.

The attached photo of a number of Galloway's staff comes from the Beamish Museum collection.


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Attachments: 68978.jpg (202kB)   Galloway add.jpg (79kB)  
Re: Steam Car agents
Posted by: Old timer (86.112.62.---)
Date: January 2, 2013 11:16AM

Hi Don,
Interesting to hear about the superheater, although I heard Stanley's themselves introduced them in 1902. George.

Re: Steam Car agents
Posted by: (
Date: January 3, 2013 09:59AM

Galloway could have possibly came out with the later design of the super heater that is now used. Stanley originally had their super heater plumbed with the in steam lines decending from the top tube sheet, down a couple of fire tubes, and then after a couple of loops over the burner fire, the two loops were then plumbed back up through a couple of more fire tubes. Then the lines were coupled back into one main steam line and then piped back to the engine.The 1911 Stanley Instructions operating manual gives a good view of this plumbing arrangement.The 1916 Steam and Water system diagram still showed this earlier super heater plumbing arrangement. In the October 7, 1922, the model 740 Stanley plumbing diagram had the super heater lines entering and exiting through the burner pan walls like is usually accepted on all Stanley models today. I do not know which exact year that they made the change to the super heater routing of their plumbing through the burner pan, but this new change could have been the Galloway improvement to the super heater.

Re: Steam Car agents
Posted by: Ray White (95.150.70.---)
Date: January 9, 2013 01:44PM

The Weston Motor syndicate sold the Grout steam car in the U.K.

Also, the Victoria Carriage Works sold the Toledo.


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