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Insulation and Adhesive failure
Posted by: Peter Turvey (
Date: May 6, 2014 01:55PM

The new Kaowool 1260 ceramic paper insulation on our car did not survive our first test run this afternoon.

I used Evostik 'sticks like' adhesive (100 c max) to temporarily hold the 3 layers of 3mm ceramic paper in place - intention was to cover it with diplag after a couple of runs.

However smoke hood temperature caused the adhesive to react with the paper causing it to disentegrate.

Not what I was expecting!

How do others hold ceramic paper in place before applying diplag?

Will have to get more insulation, so Look like I will have to use double foil sided ceramic blanket & aluminium tape instead.

Re: Insulation and Adhesive failure
Posted by: Rolly (
Date: May 6, 2014 03:51PM

I use contact cement. The same stuff you glue Formica counter top laminates down with.

1. I first glue a six-inch strip of wet able finishing cloth around the bottom edge using the contact cement. Three inches of the strip hanging below the edge.
2. I then glue three layers of eight inch Fiberfrax insulation on using contact cement both sides
3. I then cover this with wet able finishing cloth.
4. I then fold the three inches of the remaining finishing cloth hanging below the edge up and over to create a finished edge.
5. I paint the finish with flat white latex paint.


Attachments: Smoke bonnet-4.jpg (8kB)  
Re: Insulation and Adhesive failure
Posted by: Rog White (
Date: July 25, 2014 09:57AM

Sodium Silicate (Waterglass) is what the pottery people use, but Dad used Nestle's milk on the Aga rings...
Tried silicate but it deteriorates in the damp. Ended up stitching ceramic blanket with stainless MIG wire.
Rog White.

Re: Insulation and Adhesive failure
Posted by: Peter Turvey (
Date: July 28, 2014 02:00PM

Thanks Rog - I gave up with ceramic paper on boiler smoke hood and downcomer & reinsulated with double sided foil backed superwool and aluminium tape!

Howevr the ceramic paper on the inside of the bonnet,stuck on with 3m 77 spray adhesive, is doing fine.

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