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Tyre wall cracking
Posted by: Peter Turvey (
Date: November 16, 2015 12:38PM

Noticed a number of cracks in the side walls of one of the front the tyres on our 607.

Cracks are from 2 inches to 4 inches long, and parallel to rim of wheel. All bar one are on the outside face.

At one point, they run in a sequence 1/4 round the wheel.

Rear tyres are fine, other front one has two small, 3/4 long cracks on outer face.

Anyone else had similar problems? I assume the tyre has had it, but posting this query before ordering a rather expensive replacement.

Tyres are Goodrich, fitted in 2004 during restoration, but little used as we did not get the car on the road until 2012. Pressure usually 55psi. Can't recollect hitting anything hard enough to damage them - but there are some nasty potholes on one of our lanes around here. Can't attach photo for some reason but here is a flickr link []

Re: Tyre wall cracking
Posted by: Mike L Clark (
Date: November 16, 2015 04:50PM

Peter - the tyres are right at the end of their acceptable life in terms of age, regardless of use. Failure can be expected afer ten years or so.

Tyres like to be used as it keeps the rubber flexible. Trailer tyre are notorious for failing with sidewall cracks as they tend to be left parked for months and then used for a few trips and then put away again. Exposure to sunlight doesn't help either. On a trailer 5 years may be a normal life for any tyre.

If a car is parked for years it should be jacked up so at least they can stay round rather than develop flats spots under load.

Lastly 55psi is about the lower limit for beaded edge as they don't grip the rim well enough to avoid being turned on the rim by braking or driving force. If this is happening you will see that the valve starts to tip rather than staying radial to the wheel. I run mine at about 70psi.

Sadly I suspect you have come to the moment where they should be thrown away.

Sorry about that!


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