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Success - well sort of
Posted by: Ian Vinton (
Date: October 10, 2007 05:39PM

Steamed my 740 last weekend to go to a ploughing match (anybody have a plough that fits a Stanley ?)
Only a 5 mile trip but I have had problems with the new boiler, it was leaking at both top and bottom. It was OK when hydraulicly tested, unsteamed, but as soon as I steamed it, there were leaks occuring. I had, after only about 10 miles running, to strip the boiler, seat the ferrels properly (some were only finger tight) and re-expand the tubes.
I will not name the boiler maker but he is not in the UK.
Anyway, the boiler is OK now and my frst run on the road was last weekend on the way to a local ploughing match. The car was great a steady 40 to 45 mph with 400 on the clock and the water tank still not heated up (I run it (right or wrong) as a condensor). After 4 miles there was a low bang and hiss that stopped as soon as I closed the regulator. The pipe between the superheater coil and engine had blown in two.
No way home but to start pushing or walk. A brand new BMW turned up and offered to tow me home, nice old guy but never got his name. Thamks mate whoever you are.

So new suprheater pipe then off to the next ploughing match between Sherburn ad Milford in November.

Anybody want a last run out for the year in Yorkshre ??

Re: Success - well sort of
Posted by: (
Date: October 11, 2007 02:05AM

Two out of three times on a new boiler, once it has been first fired and then driven, the fire tubes have to be swagged again. This figure is just a guess after watching about 20 new boilers do their stuff. A new boiler in a Stanley sure does make the steamer boil up steam nicely.

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