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Economics of using diesel
Posted by: Mike Clark (
Date: June 1, 2008 12:14PM

Now that diesel (1.32 per litre in the UK) is so much more expensive than petrol (1.18 per litre) is it more economical to use straight unleaded petrol in a steamer instead of 50/50?

Both fuels have similar Btu per unit weight but the greater density of diesel gives it more oomph per litre than petrol. At a certain point the price difference must wipe this out. Are we there yet? I appreciate that vaporiser length and perhaps jet size might have to be changed. Is there any other reason to prefer the mix of diesel/petrol to straight petrol?

We have a government which prefers to finance the country by taxation on fuel and as diesel vehicles become more economical (40mpUKgallon is about the average for the newest 3 litre cars) we must assume that the tax must go up to maintain revenue as less fuel is used.

It is probably easier to change a vaporiser than a government.


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