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1. Make.............................Stanley
2. Model............................ EX 10HP
3. Year..............................1907
4. Chassis No:-.................3595
5. Reg No:-.......................USA
6. Original engine No:-.....Not known

The car is original 1907 Model EX, one of a kind, having been purchased in 1925 by my father. It has been owned by my family for 87 years. We have loved, maintained, restored and showed it. This 1907 � Model EX � #3595 was sold from the Grappotte dealership in Watertown, NY to Mr. Ed Hunter in Dexter, NY. It was purchased by KB Foster in 1925 in Dexter, New York, from the two original owners Mr. Ed Hunter and Pickle Jackson on the same day. The car stayed in Dexter, New York from 1907 to 1953 when it was moved to Bennington, VT. Pictures of the car with Mr. Beagle and me are featured in the book Smogless Days, 1971. I have the original photo prints used in the book. My father loaned the car to Mr. Ed Beagle who worked on the car till he was 100 years old in Bennington. It was returned to my father in Chatham, NY in 1972. Newspaper articles and written documentation and a picture of the garage where it was purchased will accompany the car when sold. After my Dad�s passing in 1992 the car went through major restoration from 1994-1997 with Alan Blasick, Bill Harris, Lorin Burch, Lane Goulding, and SOB Inc. Other helpers� the late Louie Biondie, Arno Stites, Brent Campbell and exquisite striping by SOB Inc striper, John Neal. Brewster green or British Racing Green is highlighted with gold striping and beautifully upholstered seats by Loren Burch. The serial number 3595 was found branded into the right side of the cowling when the body was restored. This is an original car! The wood was encapsulated with marine epoxy to seal the wood and prevent it from expanding and cracking. It looks as it did the day it showed at Pebble Beach n 1997. There is an extra rebuilt 10 hp engine built by Mike Simpson to accompany the sale. Upon completion of the restoration it was entered into the 1996, Silverado, in Napa, CA. It won first in its class. The next year 1997, Jules Herman invited us to Pebble Beach, Concourse d �elegance it won third place. You may remember Jay Leno was the MC at that time. I am very proud of our model EX as to its historical accuracy and as an original car! So many today are reproductions. We also have the original 1925 check signed by my father as proof of sale. Since it is a Pebble Beach car it is flawless. Combined with a personal pedigree it is one of a kind ONLY for a serious collector. After Pebble Beach the EX returned to Ogden, Utah, it was driven and shown. Requested by the museum curator, today, it is the main attraction at the Union Station, where it�s on loan, in the, Matt Browning car museum. The car was restored to be completely original to be Pebble Beach quality. Owned By Ken Foster,Utah, USA.

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