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Modelworks has designed a very close replica of the original Locomobile. Their concentration of the mechanics and the safety of this machine have been greatly appreciated by this builder. As a truest to the original design, I have endeavored to take the Likamobile “platform” and enhance its design features. With this in mind we have designed some accessories that appear period correct but are made to fit the MW’s Likamobile.

To help make your Likamobile look more like the original, the following pieces are available for purchase or pre-manufacture order. Look over the list and view the pictures.
If you would like to order or have any questions you can contact me by.....
e-mail:- RicksKlassics@aol.com or call 732-890-0084.
Most prices include shipping in the continental United States, outside US extra. If you order more than one piece I will adjust shipping charges so you don’t pay double shipping.
Happy Building

Locomobile Step Plate

Solid brass 1/8" thick plate with diamond tread,
recessed engraved "Locomobile".

Designed to fit into the Likamobile step with glue.

Price $ 210. USD (pair)

Locomobile Data Tag

(Patent Plate) just like the original, with blank spaces so you can stamp your own ID #, Year and Model/ Style #. Originally mounted on the support crossmember, behind leather flap under the seat or on front dash board.
Size: 2" x 3" solid brass.

Price $ 48.50 USD


Hub Cap Decal

With distinctive script "L" fits exactly on the Likamobile hub cap, peel and stick, weatherproof.

Price $12. USD - Set of 4

Water tank drain valve

This valve is to be a direct replacement of the chrome cap at the tee for tank draining, it is designed so the water will not drain onto the chain and rear housing. The pipe is machined so it can be used with the metric tee compression fitting supplied with the MW’s kit. Paint the handle to match chassis color

Price $65. USD


Water Level Sight Glass

This faux Brass Sight Glass is just for looks. The original had the sight glass on the R/S of the body just below the lever quadrant. Filled/ sealed with mineral oil to give that hot water look.

Price $ 110. USD

Floor Matting

Period Pyramid Style rubber, available in Black or White. Oversized so you can custom fit it to your car (3 feet x 3 feet).

Price $69. USD
(due to weight, does not include shipping)



Bermuda Bell

Have that authentic sound to warn people of your arrival. Mounts under the floor board above the fuel tank.

Price $215.USD

Side Mirror

This mirror was used to allow the driver to see the water level sight gauge that was on the drivers out board body panel

Price $55. USD


Exhaust flue

The Likamobile boiler exhausts its heat down which is opposite of the original design. The Flue on the back of the car is a necessity so that the original design is achieved. This non- functioning, copy of the original, can be used to hold tools and fire extinguisher. 2 rubber caps keep everything inside. (unpainted)

Price $ 112. USD


Leather Dash Board

The Likamobile will come with a wood dash but the original should be leather. This dash duplicates the original Locomobile Dash Board. Designed to bolt directly onto the Likamobile. Will look similar to the one pictured, metal framed with Leatherette material, like the MW’s seat, see design photo for production. We are taking initial orders so as to start production.
We anticipate approximately $300. USD (shipping not included).
Please contact me by email for any questions or to order.


Locomobile Dash Bracket Layout

Future Accessories

This is a list of Accessories that are in the research/ design stage.

Steam Whistle w/ valving and switching.

Buggy/ Carriage Top.


Decorative Rein Rail.
(Mounts on top of the Leather dash)

Solar Powered Battery Charger.

Click here for almost complete picture

Update 2010: Modelworks are now Steam Traction World their website can be found HERE

Go to page:

Kit One and Two.

Kit Three and Four.

Kit Four B and Five.

Kit Six and Eight.

Kit Seven.

Kit Eight.

Kit Nine.

Kit Ten.

Addendum Kit Ten.

Kit Twelve.

Kit Thirteen.

Kit Fourteen.

Kit Fifteen.

Kit Sixteen.

Kit Seventeen and Eighteen.

Boiler Installation.

Burner Installation.

Leaf Spring Modification.

Engine Modification.

Brake Pedal, Brake Line, and Throttle Pedal Installation Fuel Line Pickup Modification.

Super Heater, Hand Pump, and Plumbing.

Some Final Assembly and First Time Steam Up.

Road Test and a few Modifications.

Locomobile Cylinder Drains July 2009.

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