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My Ford Super Seven plus
BGSC centre lathe


Myford Super Seven plus BGSC centre lathe on stand with cover in very good condition. fitted with Norton screw cutting gearbox, saddle hand wheel vernier and taper turning attachment fitted with long cross-slide. Screw cutting indicator, Dixon pre-set tool post with 20 tool holders. 4 ins: three jaw (plus 2 sets jaws) grip - true chuck. 6 ins 4 jaw independent chuck. 7 ins face plate. 9 ins face plate. catch plate. fixed three point steady. fixed 4 point steady. 4 ins 4 jaw self centering chuck. 3 1/4 ins 4 jaw independent chuck. 4 3/4 ins magnetic face plate. 4 way tool post. 2 sets of change wheels for imperial and metric. tail stop turret. cross-slide pitching out head. separate cross - slide with horizontal dividing attachment with 4 division plates. vertical slide. vertical slide with twin swivel. third vertical slide fitted with machine vice. spare compound slide. small machine vice. two gear quadrants. 4 ins rotary table for mounting chuck. Dore drilling attachment not motorised. 4 drill chucks. headstock mandrel handle. 11 dividing plates. suds pump. 2 point travelling steady. 4 dead centres and 1 live centre. 5 carriers for between centre turning. 2 1/2 ins machine vice. spherical turning attachment, 2 post swivelling vice. 2 rear posts. miniature keyway attachment. assorted morse tapered milling cutters. 2 DT indicators. operator's manual. large tool cabinet and other bits.

I also have a `Trend` wood router on stand with extra fittings looks like new and two acetylene bike lamps in good clean condition, One is a "The King of the road", the other is a "Millers". Boxed set of Sealy mod; SGA1 oxygen welding and cutting equipment plus tubes to bottles. Sandblasting cabinet clean but needs new gloves. Are these of interest to Steam members? Ring for price for Router, lamps, welding gear and sandblaster.

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